UK Gladiators is sponsored by Nintendo Wii

11 05 2008

I’ve just finished watching Gladiators on Sky One here in the UK…

On each advert, a screen is brought up that shows that it is sponsored by NIntendo Wii!!

Is this a piece of clever sponsorship by Nintendo? As the original series of Gladiators peaked at over 19 mllion viewers! Or are they hedging their bets?

Or have Nintendo agreed a deal to develop a Gladiators game exculsively for the Wii? Just speculation, but if it’s true, you’ve heard it here first!!

The actual show was not bad, maybe not as exciting as the original, but as I was a lot younger when that was premiered in the early 90’s, that may be why!!

If you haven’t seen the Gladiators, it’s only available to Sky Digital subscribers… This is because it is only on Sky One.

If you don’t have Sky Digital, click here to get it now!



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