What a difference a year makes for the Nintendo Wii

One year on, and the Nintendo Wii scene couldn’t be more different here in the UK.<
Last year you couldn’t get a Wii for love nor money…  This year there are plently to go about, but will this last to Christmas?

Thinking back my blog was inundated with visitors all clambering over each other to get the most sought after Christmas Present of 2007 - The Nintendo Wii.

I’d happened across a method, and was the first to blog about ordering a Wii from from Amazon.de which helped hundreds of visitors.  Until Amazon.de put a stop to it as too many Brits were ordering from them.  I blame the Ebay, Amazon Marketplace sellers who were buying them in bulk.  Then selling them for profit on the auction sites!

I’ll get back to my first point though…  Will the current state of Wii stock stay as it is with the Christmas rush starting?  I’d hope to say yes, but maybe not.

Even stock of Wii Fit and the Balance Board seems to be buoyed at the moment, albeit in bundles.  But I’ll predict that this certainly won’t last!!

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Something different about the Wii

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