Where to pre-order your Wii - Game.co.uk Review

So then…

On to my next review of where is best to pre-order/purchase your Wii.  Game.co.uk are up next then…

The blurb about Game.co.uk is:

Game is Europe’s leading retailer of computer software and video games.  It has over 400 stores throughout Europe.  The bottom line is that Game is a trusted retailer who will try to meet the deadline of the launch day unless there is a major problem with distribution in the UK.

The website states: “Please note: The GAME.co.uk Wii preorder system is seperate to that operating in GAME stores. Strictly one per customer. Nintendo has not yet confirmed launch allocations, and due to expected high demand we are currently unable to guarantee delivery for launch day”

Game is selling the Wii for the standard price of £179.99, however you must pre-order the console with at least one game in a bundle pack offer.  These bundle pack’s are priced at:

  • Wii Console + 1 game = £219.99
  • Wii Console + 2 games = £259.99

Examples are: Wii Console + Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The games are all priced at £39.99, and Game has over 20 titles to choose from.

Overall, Game.co.uk will offer customers the stability of a well-known, respected company that will try and meet the launch day to the best of their ability.  However, consumers who shop around will be able to find cheaper games on the internet.

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