Where to pre-order your Wii - Play.com Review

This will be my first review of where to pre-order your Wii.

Play.com is one of the UK’s biggest internet console retailer.

The prices quoted below all include delivery and VAT, and are correct at the time of posting.

The availability is quoted on the site as: “Due for release on 08/12/2006″

The website states: “All pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability.”

You can only buy one console, which is a good thing, see my Ebay blog

So… lets talk about prices…

The Console itself…

The Wii Console, inculding the Wii Remote, Wii Nunchuk and Wii Sports is priced at £179.99.

The Games…

Play.com has an impressive list of games available to pre-order

All the games are priced at a very competitive £32.99, the RRP is £39.99, so this is a £7.00 saving, or 17% off the RRP for each game you pre-order… Nice!!!!!!!!!

Examples are:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; Red Steel; Cars - The Movie; Rayman: Raving Rabbids;

Far Cry: Vengeance; WarioWare: Smooth Moves; Super Mario Galaxy;

The Accessories:

Wii Remote = £29.99

Wii Nunchuk = £14.99

Wii Classic Controller = £14.99

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7 Responses to “Where to pre-order your Wii - Play.com Review”

  1. I pre-ordered a Wii with Play.com on 15th Sept which was the 1st day they took pre-orders and today I’ve had an e-mail saying I won’t get one on release day and they’re not sure when I will get it.

    I don’t know how many people are therefore getting theirs from Play if mine was ordered straight away.

    They’ve also put the price of games up to £37.99. You can still get them for £32.99 at Amazon and HMV though.

  2. [...] Many thanks to Steve who left a comment on my last post about Play.com.  Read the comment here [...]

  3. I pre- ordered mine from play on the first day they were taking pre-orders too and today i got the same e-mail as you steve! This sucks :(

  4. Yo all
    Ive been in contact with someone at play apparently we have a second batch on the way but it seems the bad weather we are haveing is slowing down the boats across the sea. they should be here by the 15/12 who knows!!!!

  5. I pre ordered mine from Play on the 20th September with Zelda. I have Zelda, but no Wii.
    When i phoned play up they said they had a backlog of 7000 (SEVEN THOUSAND!!!!!) orders for the Wii Console! Im hoping i might get one from the second batch but they seem to think i wont be getting mine until 2007.

    Also, i NEVER recieved an email from them to state i wouldnt be getting one as so many other did. They didnt even bother to send me one so im in the middle of doing a massive complaints letter if mine doesnt go out in the second batch on the 15th.

  6. I too ordered from Play.com (12th Oct). I received confirmation of the order, but no other e-mails until 6/12 to say that Zelda and WiiPlay would not be shipped on release- no mention of the console. Certainly when I ordered they had not put the “sold out” message on the website.

    Having promised my son in July that he could have one, I am now in the position of camping out tonight in front of Toys R Us to get one of the 90 that go on sale tomorrow.

    I suggest that other Play.com customers might want to check with their local TRU store to see if they are doing the same.

  7. I Pre-ordered a Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports (White) (Nintendo Wii) for our sons Xmas gift on ORDER DATE 20/09/2006 ORDER ID 76638080
    Did not even get an email to tell us that we would not be getting one.
    I have bought alot of things from Play in the past and will not be doing anymore business with them again.
    We managed to get a Wii from Game today (10 Jan 07). I will say, Game are the biggest seller of the Wii (80% of all Wii’s made for UK are sold through Game!), other companys to consider buying from is Marks & Spencers & Argos.

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