Where to pre-order your Wii - Play.com Update

Many thanks to Steve who left a comment on my last post about Play.com.  Read the comment here

Steve kindly informed me that Play.com have changed their policy with Wii pre-orders.  He received an email saying that Play wouldn’t supply a Wii to him on launch day!!!!!  And he pre-ordered on the first day that they took orders!!!

Not really cricket from Play.com is it!!!

Is this the sign of things to come from all distributors of the Wii in the UK??  Hopefully it is not, and is just an isolated incident!!!  Or a lot of people, including ME, are going to be very angry and annoyed!!!

Steve also commented that they have raised the prices of their Wii games!!!  The last time I looked they were £32.99, and they are now £37.99!!

I’ve had a quick look around other retailers on the internet and games are still available for pre-order at £32.99.  The best I found that was still available was at HMV.

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3 Responses to “Where to pre-order your Wii - Play.com Update”


  2. now this is exactly wot happened to me….PLAY sent me an email saying that i wouldnt be getting a Wii EVER!!!…. plus i preordered it on the day it was announced

  3. it gets better. I’ve had exactly the same prob with play.com but wasn’t that worried, today however they’ve really taken the piss! i checked the site and they were taking orders ont the wii promising delivery within 24 hours when i’m still waiting on a pre-order list! so they’re obviously lying to someone and with the increase in cheap on-line retailers offering free postage they want to be a bit more careful about their customer service!

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