Wii Availability - How to order a Wii Console now!!


***** UPDATE  ***** 22/02/08 ******

Wii’s are available from most of the online retailer’s know, click on the links below to go straight to the order screens:





















Update 18/11/2007

Amazon.de are now refusing orders from the UK, please see my latest post by either clicking here or going to the homepage.  Here I am posting links to other retailers in Europe that have Wii’s.

Some Ebay sellers seem to be selling at reasonable prices now.  Click here to check them out

In one of my previous posts a chap has left a comment that you can order a Wii immediately from Amazon.de.

I’ve checked this out; it is possible and not difficult at all!!!

To do this click on the Amazon.de Nintendo Wii link on the right sidebar of this blog (click the “Nintendo Wii Konsole Sports Bun…” highlighted in blue specifically) or click here.  This will open a new window on the correct page and the order screen.  Update, due to unforeseen circumstances I can’t link you direct to the site, you’ll have to navigate there on your own first. :(

If you don’t speak german very well (like me!!), open up google translator in another window, to do that click here.

Now procede with the order: click “In Den Einkaufswagen” which will put a Wii console in your basket then click “Zur Kassen Gehen” which are both yellow buttons on the right hand side, any german language you don’t understand simply cut and paste into the google translate page.

You can even log in with your Amazon.co.uk email address and password so all your details will already be there.

Once the Wii arrives, it has english instructions, it is a PAL machine (like the UK), and just set the Wii console into the English language!!

All you will need to buy is a plug adaptor to convert the 2-pin german plug to the UK’s 3-pin plug, these can be bought cheaply at B&Q, Homebase or any other hardware store!!

This method is also cheaper than buying in the UK as it will set you back 249.95 Euros, which is approx £168…  Bonzer!! :)


I’ve had a request from a few people who would like to thank me for helping them get a Wii. If you’ve used this site to get a Wii please write a comment to share your success story with us all.

Happy Wii’ing everybody!!!


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Something different about the Wii

239 Responses to “Wii Availability - How to order a Wii Console now!!”

  1. Wow!!!!!

    I can’t thank you enough. After trying to buy a Wii for what seems like ages I found your site and I’ve ordered one from Amazon.de . As you say the google translator is very easy to use and hopefully I should get my Wii soon!!

    Thanks again,

    Simon, Carlisle

  2. May I congratulate you on such fantastic lateral thinking. I’ve just placed an order for a Wii for my kids who have been shouting at me for being such as useless Dad!!!

    Hopefully when the Wii arrives from Germany I’ll be “Super-Dad” again!!!!

    Your site has definitely saved my skin!!!!

  3. Thanks for the compliments…

    I’m glad you found ordering in German easy enough!!! I hope that your Wii’s arrive soon!! :)

    Please leave a comment when they do.

  4. My dad wont order me one of the German site until he knows how long it will take for delivery and how much the delivery costs…. Could you reply with these please?

  5. Has anyone received their Wii’s yet? if so, any problems? Im wanting to get one for my birthday, but my dad just complained that the console wouldnt work over here coz of a difference in power supplies between germany and england.

  6. Kostenlose Lieferung: Free delivery

    Versandfertig bei Amazon in 3 bis 6 Wochen: 3-6 weeks.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Tried this an noticed that the availability was 3 to 6 weeks. Placed an order on 28 Feb and delivery estimate was 23 Mar to 5 Apr. There was no option for delivery but it did seam a bit cheap at just over 3 euros. Hope they do deliver outside Europe.

    Also you can login using your UK details and it picks up all your account details, which makes the ordering easier.

    Has anyone reiceived on this way yet?

  8. Just ordered one and at a cost, including postage, that would be cheaper than getting it in the UK!! Website was easy to use, as I can’t understand a word of German but could tell, from experience of using UK, US and Canadian Amazon’s, which buttons to click on. Thankyou!! Will post when it has arrived.

  9. Just been on Amazon and it says :- Gewöhnlich versandfertig bei Amazon in 5 bis 9 Tagen. Which means:- Usually ready for dispatch with Amazon in 5 to 9 days.

  10. are they ntsc wiis?


  11. Hi guys,

    I received my Wii yesterday, the 5th March. I ordered on the 21st February. So that’s just under 2 weeks wait. Well worth it the wait though in my opinion. And it is simple enough to use with the plug adaptor.

    The only downside I can find is that the Wii Sports Manual was in German, however, this is a small price to pay and it isn’t really needed anyway!!

    Good luck to everyone else who has ordered one, hope they arrive soon.



  12. This is a great way to get a Wii.

    It seems that they are the only place that have any Wii stock on a regular basis.

    I placed my order 6 days ago and its just arrived this morning.

    For the 2pin to 3pin plug adaptor, Maplins do a very highly recommeneded one that has a surge protector.


  13. Ordered one last week and estimated delivery was end of March to beginning of April.
    But it arrived yesterday morning which just happened to be my son’s birthday.

    Apart from an extra £2 for a 2-pin to 3-pin adapter there was nothing to it.

  14. Have just taken the plunge with Amazon .de. Estimated delivery is 14-26 March. Quite straightforward and site is very similar to Uk. Also used google translate tool. Will let you know how I get on. Oh I so nervous/excited!

  15. Hi all

    Thanks for this…

    Just ordered one now, Amazon.de seem to have a lot of stock don’t they!!! Wonder why it’s such a problem in the UK????

    It works out cheaper than ordering from the UK aswell which is a bonus!!

  16. Just ordered one this morning, delivery says 20th to 23rd March…. Hope the kids appreciate this ha ha
    easy to follow tho and the google translator is very useful..
    Just sit and wait now

  17. Amazon de changed their minds on my order and estimated delivery in May so have now cancelled.

    I’m a bit annoyed as I could have got one from Woolies last week!

  18. A massive thank you for this advice. German amazon had all my details from Uk Amazon and it was unbeliveably easy. They are now saying 4-6 weeks delivery, which I can live with as its so cheap and is for my son’s birthday at about that time. Thanks again.

  19. Managed to get one ordered via Woolworths website for the 10 minutes they were in stock. Can’t wait. Hopefully coming Wednesday. Good Luck everyone.

  20. Got Wii yesterday. One word - amazing. Good luck everyone.

  21. I am living in Germany right now and after seeing the out of stock notices all over the english websites i was surprised to walk into my local electrical store and see a big pile of Wiis ready to be taken home, naturally i picked one up thinking, ‘you’ll never know when they are in stock again’, but it seems that over here we have quite enough, so help yourselves if you can.

  22. I seem to have ordered the Wii from Amazon.de, so thanks for that! Now as I’m totally non technical, can someone help me with type of adaptor required for the UK and the best place to get it? - thanks

  23. Hi guys…

    After a few weeks being out of stock…

    They are back in stock in Germany…

    Order yours now!!!

    To answer Mike’s question about the adaptor. Most hardware stores (i.e B&Q, Homebase) or even supermarkets should have a 2-pin to 3-pin adaptor. They shouldn’t cost much more than £1.50.

    Good luck everyone.

  24. Just ordered a wii from Amazon.de. Estimated delivery is 23/4 - 3/5.

    One word of caution in response to Jules’ post of 28/2/07. The French do not use the PAL TV format, they use SECAM. I’d be very cautious before ordering from Amazon.fr.

  25. Jus to let you know the Wii arrived from amazon.de yesterday, a mere 4 days after I placed the order. The whole family have now had a go and we all agree it’s FAB.

  26. Hi everyone…

    Ordered mine early in the week and it arrived on Friday morning.
    It’s absolutely unreal.
    Hope they keep in stock for a long time for everyone else!

  27. Been looking for one for ages all over the uk, online and off!

    Given this a go now iv found it as its in stock and they use pal, one question though, is the wii sports that comes with it in English or is it German???


    Mike T

  28. Hi Michael,

    Glad that you’ve been able to order a Wii… Finally….

    It’s my understanding that the Wii Sports game itself is in English, as that would be the language that your Wii would be set to. However, the instruction manual is in German. Can anyone else confirm this for me?

    There is a way round this though to get an english Wii Sports Manual…

    You can go to the official Nintendo website, and in the customer service part of the site; it allows you to download the english/french/spanish manuals as .pdf documents for free.

    Hope that helps


  29. Thanks for the quick reply, I got an email telling me mine had been dispatched this morning and that it should arrive within a week =)

    Mike T

  30. They have now dropped the price of the Wii Console aswell!!

    It is now 245.89 Euros, which is approximately £167-168!!!!

    Nice….. :)

  31. Arrived on Saturday :D

    Cant wait to play it … but have to until Wednesday as it is at home and I am at uni! Thanks for this sterling advice!

  32. I was waiting for them to come online and they finally did at Argos so I ordered from there though it seems they’re out of stock again. Supposed to arrive tomorrow, I just hope it does!

  33. I have a friend who lives in france and could get me a wii, can anyone confirm if it will work in the UK, i saw a post about SECAM but i thought that as it will be scart / component input then the french wii would be the same as the german one i.e. european and would work in the UK with an adapter. Any advice?

  34. Hi guys,

    As my previous post says, ordering by Amazon.de is very simple and if you’ve read these comments then you realise it works!!!

    With hardly any Wiis available on the internet, apart from Ebay and Amazon marketplace at ridiculous prices, this is a great option!!

    As Amazon delivers by DHL I don’t think it’ll be affected by the upcoming postal strike in Britain.

    At the time of writing this Amazon.de Wii stock is “Auf Lager”, which is “In Stock” :)

    Hope everyone has found what they were looking for from this blog!!


  35. Thanks very much. Not only do they have lots in stock but the exchange rate sees me a fiver better off!

  36. Yes - Amazon.de is £5 cheaper than the UK retail price, plus (it you’re concerned about delivery time) you can opt for international express delivery for an extra 20€ (£13) and get your Wii in 1-2 working days (according to Amazon.de)!!

    I just ordered today. Hope to get my Wii by the end of the week!

  37. Just taken the plunge …. lots in stock and delivery date appears to be 12 Oct. Fingers crossed !!!!

  38. I’ve just gone ahead and ordered one with the international express postage option. It’s due to arrive on October 16th so that the kid’s birthday present taken care of. And this after I had given up hope of finding one anywhere!

    Does anyone know if the receipt from amazon.de will provide warranty in the UK?

  39. Managed to get one from amazon.de, thanks to this site, delivery date about the 15th, i know its been sent so hopefully a bit before, it even wasn’t that hard to translate with babelfish, Thanks a million you have made my year…..

  40. I have been trying to find a Nintendo wii for months without any joy, I came across your site and thought great. I have tried to order four times from the Amazon.de site and it keeps telling me it wont ship to my address, I live in Scotland but I cant see that that should be a problem if its delivering to other parts of the U.K., I really really have to find a wii for christmas and time is running out. Please please help

  41. Took delivery of my Wii from Amazon.de yesterday (11th Oct) after ordering on 9th Oct - that’s 2 days via UPS!!!

    I can confirm that everything in the box is exactly the same as it is in a UK Wii EXCEPT that the power plug is 2-pin European sort. All you need is a shaver adaptor!

    Just to be clear, the manuals are all in English (as well as the other languages), Wii Sports is in English, the Wii asks for a language on setup and English is easily selected… so, in a nutshell, it is exactly the same as a UK Wii except for the plug.

    Nintendo have to honour the warranty (with proof of purchase) (this is European Law). I emailed Nintendo and they confirmed.

  42. Hi guys,

    I was going to answer the warranty query that “Don’t you know who I think I am!?!” had, but Tony has beaten me to it!! :)

    On the warranty issue though, when I got my Wii I went on the Nintendo website and registered my Wii, if you do this they give you an extra 90 day warranty on top of the 1 year year one that the console comes with!! NIce eh!!!

    To answer “LPC266″ question, why can’t they deliver to Scotland? The answer is that I don’t know. I would email amazon.de and ask them why there is a problem with it!!

    Hope that helps!!!


  43. I think I’ve just ordered a Wii form amazon.de also; not really sure - I just kept pressing the same buttons as I normally would for amazon.co.uk.

    Will keep everyone informed of progess over the next couple of weeks.

  44. Ordered my Wii yesterday 14/10/07 from amazon.de I have paid for the express delivery, i think that is through UPS or DHL. The website says i should recieve it tomorrow 16/10/07……Will let you know :-)

  45. Just ordered one, (nearly ordered 3, by mistake!!!!_, paid for international shipping, says it should be here on the 19th. Let you know how it goes. Thanks all, shall tell my friends all about this, if it is a success.

  46. Hmmm, so much for the express delivery, my wii was supposed to be delivered yesterday (16th Oct) Has not even been dispatched yet according to Amazon.de Anyone having the same probs ?

  47. I think the concern here to me is the actual cost. Even at 1.43 Euros per pound (unlikely) it’s going to cost £173 + Delivery.

    The real deal is that if you are lucky enough to get a good deal on your card plus no commission cost, you’ll get 1.35 Euros to the pound. That’s around £185 + delivery in my book.

    If you’re unlucky enough to be with Halifax, it’s gonna cost hard.
    At current costs, you’re looking at £200 delivered (around 1.3 € per £ + £3.50 commission plus postage)…………

    On the other hand, if you’re in Paris, there are some great deals to be had. Some places are selling these (in stock too) for €229 so if you can find somewhere that’ll change hard earned cash for €1.40 then you’ll get one for £163 (plus they seem to have stock over here)

  48. Sorry forgot to keep you guys updated, I got my Wii delivered on monday, I didn’t pick the express delivery option and it still only took 5 days ( including the weekend), think i got quite a low exchange rate though it cost a total of £182 but hell, i aint complaining, i got a Wii in 5 days, after weeks of looking for one over here. Thanks soo much to everyone on this site in giving me confidence to do this on a foreign site, it was soooo easy.

    Thanks again

  49. I got mine successfully delivered from amazon.de as promised on Oct 12th. Brilliant !!!

    As per the question above, do they deliver to Scotland ? errr I can say yes, as I live near Edinburgh ;-)

  50. Hi, I ordere mine on 14th October from Amazon.de - clicked what I think are all the right buttons - but the money hasn’t gone out of my account and there’s no sign of the wii - what am I doing wrong?

  51. Yes my wii should have been delivered yesterday (18th) but has been shipped and should be with me tomorrow (20th), We shall see!!!!!!!

  52. Good news….. I have a tracking number and it should be with me tomorrow! All I had to do was go to the customer services section on amazon.de and ‘contact seller’ - I translated a nice message in google to German and got a reply very quickly. A little later I received the tracking number with an estimated delivery day of tomorrow - Saturday! I will let you know!!!

  53. OK, so now it says Monday 22nd - but at least I know it’s in the sytem and on it’s way! Now I’m bamboozled by what else I might need to go with it. Nunchucks, SD cards, skins, Lan thingy ….. ah!

  54. Won’t let me have it delivered to Uk address, Might they have stopped it?
    Any ideas?

  55. John,

    Are you already an Amazon.co.uk member - if so did you sign in as you on Amazon.de?

    There seemed to be two different adverts for the wii on the german site. If you choose the one that Amazon s.a.r.l. (or something - it’s an Amazon shop) are selling, rather than a general retailer it’s about 269 euros for Wii including Sports, then add 20 Euros for express international delivery.

    Hope this helps.

  56. Oh yeah, I went to Argos yesterday -and they have just put up a note saying that they’re getting stock in very soon and that it’s limited to one Wii per customer…. you could try them if all else fails.

  57. Hi all, got my wii today, took 1 week even though I paid the extra for express shipping so dont know whether Id bother with that again, but thanks to all for the brill advice

  58. Got mine today too! Extremely pleased as I believe they are selling for £300.00 and more in some game shops and eBay etc and mine only cost m£187. I think they only ship out on a Friday, hence the 5 day wait - but 5 days is still brilliant all the way from Germany - Thanks for the advice! Hope John’s got sorted by the way??

  59. hi guys can all uk games be played on a european version then? meaning can i  buy a game from hmv etc and it would work?

  60. Following the advice on this site I took the plunge last week. Wii arrived day before yesterday, 5 days after it had been ordered, having paid the extra for international express. Amazon advice email originally said it would be there a day later (which I took with a pinch of salt) and a subsequent mail gave me a UPS tracking number and advised expected date which was when it arrived. Can confirm that all instructions are in English and that the only thing I needed to do was nip out to Maplins and get a Euro to UK conversion plug costing 3 quid. To be honest I’d spent ages trawling the internet and chasing false leads at shops. Think I got a decent rate on my card so it was cost neutral with reference to UK prices. This option was so much easier - Thanks !!

  61. Hi, Everyone Ordered from links above on sunday night arrived today(WED 24th), Many thanks for the info. 252.8 Euro’s/£176.22. Many thanks again.

  62. Hi Leannemc,

    The Wii’s bought from Amazon.de will play any games bought in the UK.


  63. seems like a few people are catching on to amazon.de and good luck to them, the change of getting one in the UK is next to nothing unless you pay well over the odds from ebay, but a few people seem to think its all going to be in german, just to confirm, i got mine from amazon.de and everything is in english, its exactly the same system as the UK version the only difference being the plug, which cost’s next to nothing to buy an adaptor, all uk games play and all instructions are in english, i wouldnt have taken the plunge if it wasn’t for this site, if i was the queen i’d give you all MBE’s for crimbo as you managed to get me a wii. lol

  64. Hi
    Has anyone tried to order the Play (with remote) from amazon.de site? are the games in Germen? If I order any games from them will everyting be in Germen?
    Many thanks

  65. what is the cost of postage from Germany ?

  66. Hello, I presume the box is in German.. can anyone confirm?

  67. Arrived 22Oct… no issues, everything as expected…

  68. Thank you sooo much.Ordered Fri tea time arrived Monday morning via UPS.
    Cost £187.69.Purchased a plug adapter off e-bay for £3.50.Let the games begin!!!

  69. I just ordered from amazon.de today - I think I just asked for standard delivery so might take up to 6 weeks but I’ll check progress in a few days.

    Slight worry that some others in Scotland (I’m in Glasgow) have been told that they won’t deliver to Scotland but pleased to see that Dogmata nr Edinburgh got his OK. Here’s hoping…..

  70. Hi Folks

    finally managed to order my wii, placed the order on 12th Oct my wii arrived 25th Oct in a small brown cardboard box, no manual, no wii sports game and wrapped in newspaper bundled up in some mess. Got straight onto Amazon.de to complain and demand a refund only to be told that I didnt actually buy it from them, spent days sending and receiving emails until they finally admitted I did in fact buy it from them. They then backtracked and said that it had stated on my order form that it was second hand, again spent days sending and receiving emails with proof of my order form (which has no details of the item being used) until they finally admitted there error and said I could have a refund, which is going to take weeks to procress. Three days after ordering my wii I received a call from Woolworths telling me that they had the wii’s back in stock and they were holding one for me as I had put my name on a list, but as I had already ordered from Amazon.de I couldnt afford to cash out on another one. This is just a note to let you know the problems that can occur but trust me to be the only off this whole site to incur all of them in the one order, lol. With the experience I have had I will never order from any Amazon site again there customer service is atrocious and thats putting it mildly. Hope you all have better luck

  71. Is it possible to order wiv a maestro card as i dont have a credit card?

  72. Hello

    I ordered a wii from Amazon.de on Friday 26th October, paying for normal delivery. It was due to arrive on Thursday 1st but it arrived today! - Tuesday 30th October. Only 4 days. I was very impressed. You don’t need to pay for express delivery. Everything, including the box, was in English. Thank you so much for your website.

  73. Just order from Amazone.de tonight £178 (new) promised delivery 3 Nov. Been trying for 2 weeks to purchase (at a fair price) online. Will updated if all goes well!!

  74. Hi Thanks for the info. I followed your advice, the whole process was very simple. I ordered the Wii on Oct 23rd and it arrived Oct 29th with no problems at all.

    Thanks Again for your research.

  75. I have also posted on the other thread, but thought I would just say ordered Wii Monday 29th standard delivery (i think) only paid 252euros in total. Delivered this morning Wednesday 30th October. I’m delighted, thanks to this website that my son’s Christmas will now be complete.

  76. Wow!
    Ordered on Monday 29th using default delivery method, delivered on Thursday 1st. Packaging and manuals are the usual Eurozone multilingual (English, German etc) so is exactly what you would get if UK sourced - can’t tell the difference except for the plug.
    If a Shaver adapter is too fiddly then you can get a UK Wii power supply on Amazon UK.
    I guess UK supplies will loosen up a bit but wasn’t prepared to risk it, and given this experience there is really no risk in ordering from Germany.

  77. many thanks for the advice.ordered today.
    easy process following your translator advice.
    having spent hours trying to track a wii down in uk it was pleasing that you have taken the trouble to help fellow gamers.thanks again

  78. The internet has really come into it’s own with this info on Wii availability. After hours of searching on UK suppliers ( including Amazon UK who wanted a blackmail price of £258 + !!) it took me minutes to order via Germany for £177 with deliver quoted between the 7th. and 15th. November
    Thanks a million

  79. Can anybody tell me if a Nintendo Wii bought in France will work in the UK ? I am going to France next week-end and they seem to have plenty in stock for about £170.

    Many thanks !

  80. I noticed that Tom (above) ordered on 3 Nov and was quoted delivery between the 7th. and 15th. November
    I have just ordered today, 4 Nov and have been quoted delivery between 19. November 2007 and 23. November 2007 ….
    I wonder if amazon.de are not getting low on stock now… I will keep you posted as to what happens with my order…
    Tom please try to let us know if you get delivery on the dates promised.

  81. Sophie… just read though this blog and noticed that there are some other posts about France.. it seems that we and Germany have a PAL system and France has a SECAM system. It looks as though there are some issues there although I am no expert.

  82. Hi Dan

    Again I must stress I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination (in fact I know nothing about it) but this whole issue has got me really intregued!

    Could it be that the people who have said that it works out in the UK with no problems have multi format TVs that play PAL and SECAM?

    I plan to monitor my amazon.de order (although I suspect they may be running out of stock cos of the long delivery time they estimated). I will keep the forum updated and if I think it’s not going to happen I might just take a chance on amazon.fr

    I must thank you for helping people to get these consoles at a proper price. We just decided yesterday to buy our kids one for Christmas and were shocked to find out what they were being sold for.


  83. hiya i hope your not all clubbing together to play a mean joke on an unsuspecting fool like myself! im sure i don’t know enough people to be treated this badly so im gonna assume you are all trustworthy, god i hope this pays off have just ordered mine, please please please let this work!!!! will let you know how it goes!!!!!

  84. Bloomie, no one is playing a mean joke on you, this really works.

  85. hi, just received my wii from amazom.de. I only ordered it on the 1st Nov, perfect.

  86. Hi,
    Where on amazon.de does it say about delivery times? As on the wii product page after pictures of the accessories, it has ‘Delivery:’ & then nothing after it…just wondering & hoping someone can help.

  87. Having spent 2 tiresome hours trailing through the internet trying to fnd somewhere to buy a Wii I came across this site. I have just submitted my order and hopefully it will arrive soon. Thank-you in advance for this. My son would have been gutted if we hadn’t managed to get one (me too if I’m being honest).

  88. I order a wii on Thursday 1st Nov 07 from Amazon De and I’ve just rec’d it today, Monday 5th Nov. I just went for standard delivery too! This is an excellent service and only cost me £176.00 inc postage. Don’t hesitate, if you want for Xmas, go for it!

  89. Sweet!!
    in answer to ellie’s Q you need to almost complete the order on amazon.de for them to give you an estimated delivery time. the translator above is also fantastic for helping to understand the website!!

  90. oh and also i found that if you use a visa card you get a rate of eur 1.44 to the £!!!

  91. awesome! I was fed up searching UK stocks and bingo, came across this posting when searching google for pre-order wii.

    Used babelfish to translate the german text and placed my order which went through fine. Overall cheaper than UK anyway and it was despatched the day after placing my order. result!! Cost of delivery is an absolute bargain and i felt happy to do it considering it was amazon.

    nice one and thanks for the info ….. I had been wanting a wii for ages! ( no pun intended ….. much :-)

  92. Well I’ve done it now! It said estimated delivery between the 14th & 19th of November.
    I hope my husband likes it :-)
    Thanks for all your help, I’ll let you know when it gets here - fingers crossed!

  93. Having trouble as the amazon.de website is not accepting my sort code, can anybody help, am I missing something?

  94. Sadie - Try entering your account details on the amazon.co.uk site and then go into the amazon.de site again with the same username and password and you will find that all your UK details are there.
    Good luck

  95. I have just placed my order for my wii, fingers crossed it will be with me shortly. Just out of interest will there be any warrenty issues?

    Thanks for the info,

  96. hi i have took the plunge because trying to get a wii in this country is a no go i am sick off trying this shop that shop etc etc i just hope it comes but it states that it will be delivered between 19th to 23rd so they must not have any in stock but still selling it. anyway fingers crossed and everything else lol.

  97. Many many thanks for the tip-off!! Ordered my wii from Amazon.de with the standard €6 postage on Oct 31st and it arrived here today, Nov 6th. Everything as described above, fitted my £3 maplins power adapter and away we go. After many, many hours of fruitless stock tracking in the uk i can’t believe it was actually this easy in the end. Thanks again!

  98. HOORAY!!!!!!!! ordered my wii for £176 from amazon.de on friday night (10.20 ish) and here it it today!!!!! OMG!!!!! i am well chuffed. everything is spot on and it feels like christmas already!!!!

    thank the lord for the google translator!!!!! defo recommend you buy one, make sure the seller is amazon.de and not any other business so you’ve got some come back…

  99. Hi everyone,

    To help the ordering I’ve created a web-page with a step-by-step guide for ordering a Wii at Amazon.de.

    To go there, either click here, or click the tab titled “HOW TO ORDER FROM AMAZON.DE” at the top of the blog!!

    Hope this helps everyone!


  100. Just placed my order through amazon.de. Theyve estimated the time of delivery at 17-19th Nov.
    So easy to do, with these step by step english instructions from the below website. Just scroll to the bottom of their page and click on screenshot guide. http://www.wiipreorder.co.uk
    Good luck eveyone ;)

  101. Fantastic idea!!! Just hope it turns up on time and our children will be well happy for christmas!!! Wasn’t too difficult understanding. Thanks to all those who have been successful and shared it!!!

  102. Thanks a lot for the advice! As i can translate German i ordered mine in a matter of minutes on a Sunday night. Wednesday morning it was delivered, so we are a happy lot!!

  103. Ordered mine yesterday and have been given the estimated dekivery date as the 12th November. Had a bit of nightmare initially as the said there was a problem with my visa card but they tried it again and all was well. Fingers crossed the Wii should be here soon judging by all these posts!! 3 happy faces at christmas if all goes to plan, 4 if you include Hubby!!!

  104. Iv ordered my Wii today it says i shoudl recieve it between 22nd - 26th nov…hoping to get it before then though!
    Thanx for great website

  105. well just got an email and it says its on its way

  106. If I buy a Super Mario game from the Amazon germany website, will it have an english speaking option?

  107. hi everyone,i ordered a wii from amazon.de on sat 3rd nov,i used google for a translater (this is very useful) i got a email estimating delivery between 7th and the 15th nov, i then got another email to say it had been dispatched and should receive it on the 8th but i got it today(yippee),i day earlier than expected.so to everyone out there yes it does work.p.s hope you all have a nice xmas!

  108. I have checked my account on amazon.de and i can not see where my order is for my wii can anyone help me please. i have had an email to say when i will recieve it but i am abit worried as i cant find it in my shopin basket on the website or anywere. Help please

  109. Panic over lol :)

  110. Thanks for this site, been looking without joy unless I wanted to pay silly money. This was so easy to use, delivery due 19-23rd November. Have recommended it to a friend who has done the same and will have some very happy kids this Xmas.
    Thanks again.

  111. Ordered on the 3rd delivered on the 7th. No problem at all.

  112. My previous note should read “ordered on the 3rd. Nov delivered on the 7th.Nov.
    best of luck

  113. what about games from amazon.de just ordered wii play, will it have uk instructions

  114. Ordered my Wii via Amazon de on 5/11 and to save people maybe a little of time thought I would post how to check your shipment dates etc when you get your confirmation email … (if you could not figure it out ;) )

    This is obviously for my order:
    Voraussichtlicher Versand dieser Artikel: 7 November 2007
    This is the estimate of when the Wii should be dispatched

    Lieferung voraussichtlich: 9 November 2007 - 17 November 2007
    This is when the expected delivery date should be (I’m hoping mine is a nearer the 9/11 :) )

    Many thanks for this site, absolutely fantastic, you’ve saved me a small fortune :) :)

  115. Many thanks for your comments Red,

    I’m so glad that so many people have been able to get a Wii, especially with Christmas approaching.

    It may be a bit cheeky but I’ve just added a donation button just under the post above. If you’ve used this site to get yourself a Wii, please “Pledge me a Pint”. ;)

    Cheers everyone.

    I hope everyone has great fun playing your Wii’s soon :)

  116. Dan, I promise to make a pledge (once the Wii arrives if that’s ok) assuming I can use Paypal?

    I think you deserve a pint mate :)

    Quick question, any idea what the usual shipping period is (it seems 5 days having looked on here) as the expected date seems rather expanded (see my above post, saying dispatch 7, delivery 9-17) it’s on standard delivery btw … ?


  117. Cheers! ordered a WII, additional remote control and Nunchaku !
    Delivery windows is 1st Dec-24th Dec, hopefully it will not come down the chimney Christmas Eve :)
    Any one know how you stand on warranty claims should the unit fail??? Would we be able to send it to Amazon UK?

  118. hi, i’ve checked so many sites trying to buy a wii and everywhere is out of stock, finally this page gives me a hope. and i have a question to ask, do i have to put EUROs to my account or Amazon can cauculate it and take the equal pounds out of my account, because i’m a foreigner in UK and i’m not quite clear about the currency thing here. Thank you very much!

  119. Will pledge a pint as soon as i finish typing this! Fantastic info, managed to order in 5 minutes with the aid of the translator link. Have ordered Play game but have only just noticed the comments before - will this be in english, or do we select the language when playing? As a total ‘gaming virgin’ the information I’ve managed to get from here will make my 2 daughters very happy girls on Xmas morning and the rest of us adults totally amused watching them! Thanks again

  120. Red,

    The shipping period recently for people has been longer than it was a few weeks ago. With the increase in demand that was too be expected really!!!!

    Joe B,

    If you read an earlier comment on this post it says that the warranty isn’t a problem as it is covered by European Law. So Nintendo has to honour the 1 year warranty that all Wii’s come with. And if you go on the Officiak Nintendo website and register your Wii then you get an extra 3 month warranty as well!!!


    Amazon will charge you from your credit card the amount in Euros but your bank will automatically recalculate it into pounds. So you don’t have to do anything, just sit back and wait for the Wii to arrive!! :)


    I’m not sure about the Wii Play game, has anyone else ordered it from amazon.de?? Is it in English?


    Hope those answers are satisfactory to people!!! ;)


  121. Do you need to order additional stuff as well as the Wii? I am a gaming virgin too. Is it best to get the additional remote and Nunchuka straight away? Also if I get the Simpsons game willl it speak German?

  122. I cant wait to get my wii…can any one tell me does someone have to be in all day to collect it or is it sent my royal mail?

  123. Hi everyone, just to let u know I ordered on the 5th & it got here today - well chuffed & can’t wait to see hubby’s face come christmas!!

  124. Thanks guys I have ordered two on Sunday at two different Dundee address and they both arrived today thursday ….. may many more people find this website and order some weeeeeeeeeeeeees from germany

  125. update ordered it on the 5th late on and i have received it about an hour ago on standard delivery and it works fine many thanks to all and i can confirm all you need is a plug adaptor that costs about 3 quid it plays all the games available in this country no probs just had ago of wii sports what a funny game cannot wait to see my sons face on christmas day once again many thanks.

  126. Did u have an email to confirm your order was coming early? does it give u an estimated time it will arrive?

  127. Red can confirm that my Wii also arrived today :) … now excuse me but I’m off to kick some baseball ass :) :)

    Thanks so much for your site, and I will donating soon mate!! Also, hats off to Amazon de … what a great job they do … if only the UK Amazon was as efficient (4 days inc the original order day to get a Wii from Germany … amazing)

    Anybody wondering about doing this to get one for christmas … do it, it’s great, it works it’s fast … but be quick because as the word spreads around the UK about this, I think they may well run out!!

  128. okay ordered, feeling all anxious..lol…it says sold by amazon EU S.a.r.L

    what is that? should i be worried?

  129. no dont be worried thats what mine said and i have got it here with me all working ok so dont panic it will arrive via dhl.

  130. Hi, i’ve been looking for a wii console for the past month now and everywhere i look dont have them

    im really tempted to try getting it from the german amazon but im worried that it wont work as well so if someone could answer my questions that would be great and help put me at ease

    1). Does the console work perfectly fine like any other? Like will i get loads of error messages?

    2). If i buy the console from germany and buy english games will they play fine and will they be in english or will they be in german?

    3). If i do need to return it will i be able to return it without a hitch?

    If someone can answer this then taht would be very helpful


  131. Just ordered a wii from amazon.de, due to be despatched tomorrow (9th Nov) and due to arrive between the 12th-20th Nov. Ta for the tip.
    Sorted (I hope).

  132. amazon EU.s.a.r.l. is basically amazon europe!

  133. Dave (21:18:53) :

    Hi, i’ve been looking for a wii console for the past month now and everywhere i look dont have them

    im really tempted to try getting it from the german amazon but im worried that it wont work as well so if someone could answer my questions that would be great and help put me at ease

    1). Does the console work perfectly fine like any other? Like will i get loads of error messages?

    2). If i buy the console from germany and buy english games will they play fine and will they be in english or will they be in german?

    3). If i do need to return it will i be able to return it without a hitch?

    If someone can answer this then taht would be very helpful


    1.the wii will work perfectly fine in uk just need a 2 pin plug adaptor for about 3 quid
    2.the german wii is pal the same standard as what the uk use so all games will work fine
    3.if there is a problem with your wii than phone nintendo up as the warrenty is valid so they will repair it

  134. Hi… been to amazon.de and it looks as though they are out of stock, as they’re referring me to resellers. Or have I got it wrong?

  135. started to buy a wii from amazon.de last week, got to the payment bit then thought i’d try the shops one last time so didn’t complete the order…given up on the shops and tried again today…when i enter my address, it says it can’t deliver to that address (scotland)…tried using a friends address in england instead but the same thing happened…anyone else had this problem? have they stopped shipping to the uk?

  136. HI
    My friend has just tried to order of Amazon.de but it appears that they have stopped orders to the UK is this the case?
    He keeps getting an error message maybe I just got in in time (wii arrived the other day :)


  137. It keeps saying this!

    This article can unfortunately not at the desired location to be shipped. You can either change the shipping address or article from your order, delete, by the number of units to 0, and then click update. (Countries with transit restrictions)

    What do I have to do?
    HELP ME!

  138. Steve D, I’m having the same problem.

    They shouldn’t of stopped them going to the UK, as I checked the restrictions and it said
    “Games consoles only go to blah blah, blah blah, United Kingdom.”

    I’m getting really mad

  139. Worked fine arrived in 3 days!!!!!!! only on standard delivery. Translated it using google translate and a friend. Wii sports is in english as is all the instruction manuals and booklets. Adapter costed me 8 quid. Total price 182 pounds. Thanks a lot.

  140. want an english one. Look at http://www.wilkinsonplus.co.uk and click on christmas toys and gifts. They often have lots of stock and at 169 pounds.

  141. Me too . I thought it was because I was Scottish !
    Nice to know I’m not alone even if it is in not being able to get a Wii from Amazon.de !

  142. Ordered a WII from Germany on Sunder evening, arrived yesterday excellent service, thanks for the heads up on the stock.

  143. Hi everyone,

    I’ve only just got back from my day job and moderated your comments.

    A few days ago I got an email from Amazon.de saying that I couldn’t link anyone to their website due to the increase in demand from customers in the UK.

    I removed my links, widgets etc on this blog, and it seems that Amazon.de have now taken it one stop further and are now preventing people from ordering a Wii from Amazon.de… “Insert your chosen curse here and collectively swear at them!!!!”

    Unfortunately, it looks like that this avenue for acquiring a Wii before Christmas has now closed.

    Can anyone else shed some light on this?

    Sorry guys, if I hear of, come up with, another method of getting a Wii I’ll blog about it straight away.


  144. Hi there

    I’ve been trying and trying to follow the links, but I keep getting the same message back as Kelly above… any ideas??? Help!

  145. Looks like the clever buggers have stopped it going to the UK.

    I’ve send an email thing to amazon.de

    If I don’t get a reply, I’ll try again until they do.
    Then I’ll let you know what is going on.

    Might make up some sob story :P

  146. All praise to the post!!! I ordered mine on sunday 4 of November 2007 and it arrived by the 7th November. I was a bit worried because I couldn’t find the express delivery option, but who cares as I didn’t need it anyway. Bit of trouble getting an adapted to take the continental type plug. Ended up getting a worldwide universal adapter for £15 in comet/currys .

    LOL A bit steep but I couldn’t wait to play it, and I know that the plug will probably come in handy in the future. Thanks to all. All I need to do now is find somewhere that sells the extra remotes, which are very hard to find at the moment.

  147. HI I bought my extra remote for my wii from my local Argos they had loads in stock for £29.99
    Hope that helps.


  148. I have just ordered a Wii console from Amazon.de. They took the order, sent me a confirmation e-mail, and said it would be shipped on Mon12th Nov. I’ll let you know if and when it arrives!

  149. I had problems last night trying to order from amazon.de like most people regarding geographical restrictions imposed by amazon.de to the UK but ….. I can confirm that I was able to put an order through this morning through amazon.de for a wii to be sent here to the UK, and received confirmation of dispatch this afternoon!

    Good luck to everyone and thanks for this great website!


  151. placed order on monday,arrived friday,november 9.placed order for extra remote,amazon.de estimate 12 december.

  152. Have just ordered a Wii from amazon.de and the order seems to have gone through OK. I guess the acid test is whether it turns up. Am keeping everything crossed!

  153. Just placed an order on amazon.de. All seems to have gone through OK - got confirmation email - estimated dispatch date 12 November…

  154. Just in case anyone read Joe’s message above, and thought they might get a Wii from Wilkinson’s, I just tried there out of interest, and they’re, not surprisingly, out of stock!!!

    Just sent you a pint, Dan!! Thanks for everything! :-)

  155. Hiya
    just ordered off the german amazon site, is it working or not? I got a confirmation e-mail but I noticed it didn’t have a delivery date. I’m starting to worry, can anyone help? Do I have a nintendo wii or not? Ahh.

  156. Hi
    A question about the German Wii does the sports pack come with German speaking and are all uk games ok to play on these ??


  157. Have just ordered a Wii from Amazon.de & received confirmation e-mail stating shipping date of 12 Nov so fingers crossed. It seems that they have changed the site to allow only 1 per customer. If all goes to plan this will make my little boy’s Xmas. Will update when/if I receive it.


  158. I ordered my wii on 6 th nove and its due to be delivered on tuesday.I ve checked the status and its in transit. I only paid standard delivery . Total cost was £174. Will let you know when it arrives.

  159. Shelley - Check the “My Account” option on the amazon.de.
    It’s the button looking thing on the top right corner.
    It will load a page full of links.
    Click the first link on the left and translate the page.
    It should tell you where your Wii is.

    Graeme - According to other people, everything is in English as long as you set it to English on the Wii.
    The sports comes with it. The manual is English too, according to some people

  160. my wii is in transit and says should be delivered weds…i have tryed tracking my order on DHL but i cant seem to work it o well… will post again when it arrives.. hopefully

  161. i am trying to order a nintendo wii from amazon.de and i cant fill in the order form i dont understand the parts that say postcode and date of birth? each time i write them they are sayin its wrong can anyone help me fill in the order form by telling me which way round i write the postcode and date of birth please?

  162. Hi, mine’s just arrived. Ordered it on 6th November with standard delivery and arrived 12th November. It is shipped by DHL and I had to sign for it, don’t know if they would leave a card or with a neighbour if you weren’t at home. The instruction manuals are all in multi language with English as first choice. Thanks so much for this site, I’m sending you a pint!

  163. Oh forgot to add, checked my credit card statement and the total amount debited was £180.28.

  164. Hi all,

    Just went through the order process at amazon.de. On the final page before you confirm the order, there is a notice that says this “Bitte beachten Sie
    Bei Lieferungen in EU-Länder sind wir verpflichtet, die jeweils geltende Mehrwertsteuer zu berechnen. Näheres zur Mehrwertsteuer finden Sie hier.”

    Google translated this as (badly, I think!) as “For deliveries to EU countries, we are obliged, each existing value added tax to be calculated. Further details about VAT can be found here”
    I was just wondering has anyone been charged VAT on their shipment above the price shown on amazon.de or later received a bill for the VAT??

    and there was a notice about the fact that they are obliged

  165. Ok need to ask question. Just tried to register online for warranty on nintendo.com and it said only for USA and Canada residents. When tried nintendo-europe site couldn’t find anywhere to register warranty. Am I using right site, if so where do I enter details and if not correct site what is the site address?

  166. Having ordered my Nintendo Wii from Amazon Germany on Tuesday 6th. November, I received it today (DHL tried to deliver on Friday, but I was out). Now that’s what I call service.

    No problems to report and my son will be over the moon on Christmas Day. Thanks Dan for your blog on how to purchasing a Wii. I hope everyone else is luck too.

  167. Hi,

    Just ordered a Wii for Christmas (12th Nov) - says it will be delivered 3-17th Dec so fingers crossed!!
    Just one thing though - could anyone help translate my reciept? Im not sure if the delievery is correct as I wasnt asked what option I wanted for delivery..
    It says Verpackung und Versand 6 euros - but is that really cheap?
    Oh, order wii Play from here too as it is availiable. I take it is the English version?

    It was 2o euros off if order today…

    Thanks, I have been having a nightmare trying to get one, I will update on delivery!!!

  168. I ordered mine last Tuesday and it came today!! I’m such a good mummy. I would like to say that I think you can still get them on the said site but it’s restricted to one per customer and the google language tool often crashes during the ordering process but if you can muddle through that I think it is still possible.

  169. Mine came today wooooohooooooo was ordered on 6 th nov. Thanks for this site i will make a donation to ur pint fund on thurs.

  170. Hi,

    I paid Tax on my order at the time of paying. Is that what you mean?
    Oh i also thought last night - I didnt put UK in my address, is this ok as its from an Amazon UK account?


  171. Any bodys arrived today? Im stil lwaiting for mine… :(

  172. Ordered mine 8th Nov - it arrived on the 12th!!!! YIPPEE!! My son thinks I’m unable to get one for Chrsitmas, can’t wait to see his face.

    Just spoken to Nintendo UK customer services and the German imported Wiis work fine in the UK - the voltage is the same over here - in case anyone is worried. All you need is the 3 pin adapter.

    Good luck,


  173. Hi
    Thanks soo much for telling us about this. I ordered mine on the 5th Nov and it arrived 8th - it works fine (even with my plug adaptor from my local pound shop !!!!!).
    Since then I’ve ordered an extra remote and play - but that hasn’t been dispatched yet !!! But i have found a remote at Gamestation so I ordered that in case !!!

    Make yours a double !!!

  174. Unable to order wii through amazon.de. Is this everyone else’s experience now? Does this not breach some sort of EU regulation if amazon.de closes its door to UK customers??

  175. no dice, tried today (13th Nov) and won’t work. Thanks anyway!

  176. mine arrived this morning yay :)

  177. Ordered my wii on Friday 9th Nov…..arrrived today (13th) great service. CHEERS!!!!

  178. Hey my nintendo is on its way! Should be here by Friday, I can’t wait to see my boyfriends face, when he opens it. Thanks Kelly for helping me out. I can’t believe I’m getting my hands on a Nintendo Wii, this site is brilliant!

  179. I have today tried to order a wii from amazon.de but am getting the following message : -

    Dieser Artikel kann leider nicht an den von Ihnen gewünschten Ort versandt werden. Sie können entweder die Versandadresse ändern oder den Artikel aus Ihrer Bestellung löschen, indem Sie die Stückzahl auf 0 setzen und anschließend auf “Aktualisieren” klicken. ( Länder mit Versandbeschränkungen) *** (This article can not Anu You want the city to be shipped. You can either change the shipping address or article from your order, delete, by the number of units set to 0, then Aktualisieren “. (Countries with transit restrictions)

    Does this mean they are no longer shipping to the UK? It won’t let me go any further with the order. Or am I doing something wrong? Hope someone can help!

  180. Hi everyone,

    Happy to hear people’s success stories :), and saddened that they seem to have shut up shop again to UK users!! :(

    Many thanks for the people who have “Pledged me a pint!!!”
    They will be sunk this weekend!!!


  181. Mine arrived this afternoon (13/11) ordered 8/11. Am really, really pleased. Thanks so much for this site!! Sorry others of you are now having probs. good luck to you all.

  182. Just keep trying.

    It didn’t work on Friday, but then worked on Saturday

  183. Thank you Dan,

    Wii ordered on thursday, arrived tuesday - not bad for 6 euros shipping! I can confirm that apart from the plug it looks to be exactly the same as you would get in the UK.

    Beer on its way. Enjoy!


  184. Hi - I managed to order mine on 12th November said delivery should be between 15th - 24th November. Really hoping it comes, will post back and let you know. Seems that this may be only chance to get one in time for Xmas!! I won’t believe it till I see it. To those who have tried and got no joy, I would keep trying the web site because they shut down orders for a short period before.

  185. ordered mine evening of the8th. said delivery about 14th, here’s hoping it arrives today getting excited / impaatient. tried tracking it on dhl site but it wouldn’t work, probably me rather than the site lol.

  186. I queries the fact that Amazon.de would not deliver a Wii console to the UK with their customer services’ department and today I received this reply:
    We gladly accept orders from all over the world and are always
    pleased to hear from our international customers.

    However, we are currently unable to ship the article “Nintendo Wii”
    to a dispatch address outside Germany.

    We apologize for this inconvenience. Be assured that all of our
    customers are important to us, and we are always looking for ways to
    better serve our international customers.

    Our suggestion:

    I hope it is possible for you to have the desired article delivered
    to an address in Germany which can belong to a family member or a
    friend there.

    Thank you for visiting Amazon.de. Please do not hesitate to contact
    us if we can be of further assistance.

    Can Amazon refuse to trade with an international buyer in this way?

  187. I have just tried to order a wii from amazon.de and have received the same message as Julia yesterday although my translation was slightly different! Are Amazon.de likely to begin shipping to the UK again in time for xmas deliveries?

  188. I ordered on the 12th but no money has left my account yet - any suggestions?

  189. I ordered mine 6th November. Order went through fine, says it’s been dispatched via DHL and was due to arrive on 12th November.

    It’s the 14th November and it’s still not here. Amazon say they’re not sure if it was dispatched by DHL or UPS, but both delivery companies say they can’t find any record of it.

    So currently it’s lost in the ether.

    Not great news, and no one seems to want to know… I’ll update if and when it arrives

  190. Hi,

    I ordered my nintendo on the 13th. Got an email saying its been dispatched and the estimated delivery date was the 19th. Originally I had problems with my address - but changing my country from the United Kingdom to England seemed to sort that out. £179 including P&P :O Wow!

    Will keep you posted when it comes :D

  191. I can’t believe how easy it is to get a wii!!! i really cannot thank you enough because I was worried I was never going to get one before christmas and jsut clicked on your link because I had exhausted all other outlets! I was a bit sceptical at first but just hoped that it worked and it did! I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was here on Friday! I am telling everyone about this deal because I know how hard it is to find one. Thank you so much, you have made my Christmas!

  192. Wii’s are available from another retailer in germany.

    The website is in english.

    They are 249 euros

    Go to my homepage tp read the blog or go there direct by clicking here!!


    ;) :) ;) ;)

  193. Andy. I ordered mine same day as you.Mine was delivered by dhl on 12th. Has the money left your account? If not i would cancel the order and go with the other link for ordering from germany.

  194. Well, I was wondering what to do and I came across your site. I took your advice and ordered it from Amazon.de on Saturday Nov 10 and it arrived today Wed Nov 16. As you say, BONZER!. Incredible service from Amazon. Delivered by DHL for just 6 Euros. I would like to recommend a brilliant adaptor plug, these are available on ebay for £3.70 delivered.  The two pin plug sits inside a 3 pin plug designed to accept it. Cheers!

  195. my money didnt go out of my account untill the day my wii arrvied which was tues(yesterday) which i ordered on the 7th. i was worried because my money had not been taken out but on the day i recieved it it was taken out

  196. It seems possible to order from Amazon.fr. Does anyone know if these work OK in UK like those from Germany?

  197. amazon.fr dont deliver to uk anymore thay did for a while but stopped due to high number being ordered from uk and unfortunatly it now looks like amazon.de are going down same road.

  198. Adapters are available from Maplins for £3. Named “Euro adapter” and fitted with a 3 amp fuse. The two pin plug sits securely inside the three pin plug so looks just like a normal plug.

  199. Elaine, the money has left my account. Amazon.de say on the phone that DHL attempted delivery on 13th November and are holding my Wii at a depot.

    The problem is the delivery number Amazon supplied doesn’t work — and when I call up DHL to try to arrange a collection or redelivery, they say they won’t talk to me without a working delivery number.

    I’ve asked Amazon for correct delivery number but they say they don’t have any other reference numbers to give me. I’ve asked DHL to help me find my package without a number, and they have point blank refused.

    So my Wii is somewhere between Germany and my house in Birmingham and neither Amazon nor DHL are able to help me get hold of it.

    I know for many of you it has been easy, but I would NOT recommend using this method unless a) you are a fluent German speaker and can argue with them on the phone if it goes wrong, or b) you can spend all day waiting at home for your package to arrive so that you don’t have the problem I’ve got.

    £182 out of pocket and not a happy bunny.

  200. Oh bloody hell.
    This better not happen to me.

    If this is fu*ks up for me, I’m going to be majorly pissed off.
    It better arrive

  201. Check with your neighbours if they have the package as in the small print when you ordered there was a disclaimer saying if you were not available they would leave with neighbour - this is what happened to me. DHL do not keep stock.

    Is it still possible to order?

  202. Ordered from amazon.de on 10th November, arrived 14th November. Works fine. Can be set to English. Manual etc. in English. No probs. Thank you Dan, you’re a hero - pint on the way.

  203. If your contract phone is running out you can get one from dial a phone and get a free nintendo wii

    I just typed wii into google and on the right there is a link. Got a new model nokia, on 18 month contract, £35 a month with up to 900 mins or 1800 texts.

    This works out to cost more than the wii itself if you do £35 x 18 months, but my contract phone runs out in jan, which is currently costing me £35 a month anyway, so it’s not costing me anything for the wii !!

    This is obviously only beneficial if you want a contract phone, or your current one is about to run out. Phone is coming tomorrow and wii within 28 days, made up!!!!

  204. Hi There Everyone.

    Has anybody used Computer Universe to order their Wii and had theirs already delivered?

    Heres a Link : http://www.computeruniverse.net

    Just click GB icon in top right hand corner.

    Wii + Wii Sports = 249 EUROS + around 20 EUROS Delivery.

    Think I’m going to order that Xmas Pressie Right Now.

    Thanks for any comments,


  205. Update - Ordered my Wii on Sunday 11/11 & it’s been delivered today. Appears to work ok so looking forward to a great Xmas.

  206. Odered my Wii from amazon.de on the 13th, estimated delivery was 19th, got it on the 15….unbelievable. Everything is in english - just using a 3 pin pluc adapter. Thanks a lot for the help!

  207. Just a quick update: DHL have finally located my Wii without a UK tracking number, but only after I had to pull rank and tell them I work for the BBC. Ridiculous. It is, apparently, being redelivered tomorrow…

  208. Andy, i ordered the same day as you, estimated delivery date was the 12th and i’ve still not received mine. The money was took from my account on the 10th Nov!! Think i’ll be calling DHL tomorrow and tell them i work for the BBC as well!!

  209. Donna: this may save you some time…

    1. Go to the “Mein Konto” section of the Amazon.de web site and get your DHL “paketnummer”, which for me was a 12 digit number starting “34″.

    2. Call up DHL in the UK. The customer services number is 08701 100 300 but you can save on your phone bill by calling 020 8818 8000 and asking for customer services.

    3. Tell them you have a German tracking number, and that they will need to contact the European team while you hold to get you a UK number (starting “07″).

    4. After a couple of minutes they should get the number, and be able to track exactly where your delivery has ended up in the UK.

    Good luck!

  210. I can’t seem to order one, its says it can not deliver to my address Rochdale UK!

    Any ideas?

  211. What a fantastic idea! Thank you so much, my Wii arrived two days ago and works perfectly. I owe you one!!

  212. If I get the Wii play and remote game from amazon.de, will it play in English?

  213. Andrea
    The money was taken out of my account yesterday but as yet no delivery!! Hope its on its way…getting worried

  214. My order, placed 6th November, has still not arrived. No word as to where it is. Money has left my account.

  215. Hi,

    Unfortunately it seems Amazon have put a stop to delivering Wii consoles to the UK from the rest of Europe. I guess so many people have been doing it that they’ve decided to put a stop to it.

    I tried the amazon.de site and the amazon.fr site and both say the same thing.
    “This item cannot be delivered to this address” (and the console IS in stock!)
    But all the other things in my basket (such as wii remotes & wii play) could.

  216. Does anyone know if wii play bought from amazon.de will be compatible with a uk wii?? and will it be in english?

  217. Yes it will be Melody, however you can no longer order it from their site, they have stopped shipping them to the UK.

  218. amazon.fr has the Wii play and remote game.
    I just ordered it for total of £40.

    My friend said all Euro sellers who sell Wii games, will work on the Wii bought from Germany.

    It’s ones bought from canywhere other thant Europe that won’t work

  219. My Wii console arrived! Ordered from Amazon.de on 9th Nov, got here on 16th Nov. With a Euro adapter from Maplins, it plays brilliantly! Now all I have to do is find the games that the family wants!

  220. Does anyone know whether a wii bought in china will work in the uk? also will uk games play on it? Is it likely that european wii’s are sold over there?

  221. No Vicki, I don’t think it would.

    Europe and Australia are the only ones that work

  222. Your help is much appreciated, ordered on 12th arrived on 16th for £174. Amazon have even warapped it up in a blue santa sack with green ribbons, bonus as its for the missis.

    Does anyone know if I need to get extra kit to allow 2 of us to play this on xmas morning? I have the adaptor already but I am guessing I need to buy extra “handsets”?

    Thanx again

  223. Can anyone help ..money went out of my account on Thursday and no sign of parcel. I’ve tried ringing DHL to get a number so I can track the parcel but there are not helpful at all and said I should speak to Amazon. I have no idea which number to ring or which button to press on their website to ask for further information.

  224. Hi Andrea,
    I am no expert but if you translate the email [http://www.google.com/translate_t] you recieved on ordering it should display the order number. Amazon should then be able to assign you a tracking number with DHL. Once you have that you can ring DHL in England hopefully.
    Heres an extract form mine if it helps..
    The shipment is about: Deutsche Post package.
    If a delivery is not succeed: packages and shipments are usually a week at your local post office kept for you.
    Sometimes even the appointment of a neighbor.

    Your order is fully executed.
    Good luck..

  225. Will a Polish Wii work in the UK? Can it be switched to English??

  226. Well i finally received my wii today :D Used the tracking number on the amazon website and found that it was in the Glasgow Depot, made a few phonecalls and got it redirected to my work!! Hope you get yours soon Andy.

  227. Andrea: see the comment I left a few days ago. You need to call DHL and ask them to put you on hold while they check your Amazon DHL paketnummer with their “Euro team”. They’ll produce a UK “07″ delivery number which you can then use to find your wii.

  228. GB and Andy: Thanks for your comments, I have tried speaking to DHL to get a UK number so I can track the package. I asked for the Euro team - they were not helpful at all and said that it was impossible to do this!! I will try again and hopefully speak to somebody else that might want to help. Did you finally get your Wii??

  229. Managed to buy a Wii today from HMV in Speke, Liverpool! They had a delivery at about 11:15 and the whole lot was gone by 13:15. I had a tip off via a “friend of a friend” who heard about the delivery. But ~ hey! ~ I got a Wii for the kids for Christmas. Superb!!

  230. Andy and Andrea.

    Did either of you receive your Wii? I ordered mine on 6 November from amazon.de and was told that I would receive it on 13 November. Surprise, surprise I did not receive it. After numerous emails and telephone calls with DHL and amazon.de I found out that it was shipped to Poole on the 12th but has since gone missing. DHL have given numerous excuses (eg it was sent to Bristol by mistake/it’s been returned to Germany - which isn’t that handy considering I live in SCOTLAND) but they have now admitted that they don’t know where it is and have ‘lost it’. What is the point of having a tracking number when DHL still lose it (or allow someone to steal it)? Am now stuck in limbo due to DHL’s sheer incompetence.

  231. I can’t buy a Wii from Amazon.de3 or Amazon.fr as it say it will not deliver to a UK address!
    Anyone else had this problem?

  232. SG

    To update you I did receive my Wii on the 19th November. I ordered it on the 12th November and the money went out of my account on the 15th. I did try and get a tracking number but DHL were useless and didn’t want to know. I do hope you get your Wii let me know what happens.

  233. @SG

    There is probably someone, somewhere in HMRC/NAO wondering why he got a Wii instead of the CD’s he was expecting!!

  234. I am also unable to order from amazon.de as it says the UK is one of the ‘restricted’ countries - perhaps they’ve realised the English are taking all their stock and blocked us! Does anyone know which other European Countries have UK compatible Wiis?

  235. I’ve just ordered from computeruniverse.net in Germany (1/12/07). No problem with ordering just praying with everything firmly crossed that it’ll get here by Xmas!

  236. If you read up the blog you will see that amazon.fr ans amazon.de have stopped allowing the order of Wiis for some time now.

  237. Andrea

    DHL finally delivered my wii last week (a full 3 weeks late). After dozens of calls to them, they finally decided that it might be a good idea to actually look for the parcel rather than guess where it was. The strange thing is that, whilst everything appears to be in the box, there is no sign of my amazon invoice or any amazon packaging. Whether someone has tried to pinch it and been rumbled, i couldn’t possibly comment…………..


    I was wondering why i received two CDs in the post. Don’t worry though, everyone’s details are safe with me…………..

  238. I’ve had a very non-committal e-mail from Computer Universe saying they’re sending consloes out in order of date ordered as and when they have them. Has anyone actually ordered one from them and received it yet?

  239. [...] in the year I wrote a post that helped lots of people order a Wii from Amazon.de.  Check it out here, or read the previous [...]