Wii Availability - My update

Still no Wii for me, and yes, I’m still hating PC World!!!

However, I have got my extra Wiimote, extra Nunchuk and Zelda which arrived in the post this morning!! Great lot of use really they are without the Wii itself!!!! Grrrrr!!!

But anyway!! This will be my last moan on this blog and I’ll get back down to blogging about positive things about the Wii!!

I went round a mates place last night, played on Wii Sports, Zelda & Red Steel. And loved them all!!

The next blogs I write will be about the games, prices, availability, and hopefully playing my own Wii!!!

P.S. If you have a Wii, get Zelda!!!!! (Available from HMV at £34.99, and from Amazon.co.uk also at £34.99)

It’s awesome!!!!!!!

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Something different about the Wii

10 Responses to “Wii Availability - My update”

  1. Although they don’t say so on their site, HMV are sold out of Twilight princess. I placed an order for it along with WiiPlay, WiiPoints and a Nunchuk on Friday the 8th. They have dispatched the WiiPoints but Zelda, WiiPlay and the nunchuk are on “special order with their suppliers”

    grrr i only hope they arrive before xmas!

  2. I have to agree pc world are totally rubbish. I pre orderd my wii on the 1st Oct and am still waiting for it despite pc worlds promises that it would arrive.

    I Quote

    “Any preorders of the console will be dispatched and recieved within 5-7 working days of the release date.�

    “We are aiming to fulfil all pre orders for the Nintendo Wii placed before
    9th November 2006. As your pre order was placed 1st October 2006 you will be contacted within the next 48 hours to advise on the fulfilment.� said on the 6th Dec


    They all so said they would be getting stock in today but no news yet!!!!! This is the first and last time I will use pc world.

  3. I also ordered a wii from pc world on 31october after several phone calls and eventually speaking to a not so helpful customer service operator I was told that all order before the 9th nov would be fulfilled. i am totally disgusted and am spreading the word not for anyone to ever goto pc world ever again.
    I am yet to find anyone who has received a wii from pc world.
    I find it so unfair that customer service is none existent and i had to ring up myself to find out where my wii is.

  4. I can agree that PC World are shockingly bad. I preordered mine in October and the day before the release date they moved the despatch date back 2 months!! I cancelled my order out of spite, thus leaving me utterly wiiless for christmas. Very disappointing!

    I suppose it was my fault for preordering from PC World, who are a bunch of con artists there entirely to scam people who don’t know any better.

  5. I got my Wii on release, there is a local shop here in Guernsey, which had been allocated 150 and only 27 pre-orders were taken, shame i hadnt read this sooner, i could have posted you one!

  6. I work at Pc World and can explain the situation. The whole company had 1000 wii’s on launch day to supply the pre orders and then another 2500 this week. all of which covers about 40% of the preorders. They are allocating them on who ordered first but on a nationwide basis not just on a store basis. so regardless of whether you were the first in a store to pre order one, if people did so before you in another store they will be ahead of you. Which in my opinion is a fair way to do it. Someone on here said the staff must be taking them all. I can assure you this isnt the case because thats what i was going to do (and yeah i dont care if its unfair, it should be a small bonus for working for a shite company) but alas its not possible for the staff to do this. There are apparently more being delivered today though i know my store isnt getting any this time. So might be worth phoning your store today to see. Btw i think the shortcut to get straight through to the store and not the call centre is to ring the number on the receipt and then it has the store number on the receipt too, try dialling that when it asks for a choice on the phone menu.

  7. [...] Wii Availability - My update… [...]

  8. PC World are nothing compared to Play.com. My son is a nintendo freak and he has waited for the Wii fsince his birthday last May. He pre-ordered it with Play.com on Sept 15th, the first day that orders could be taken. Now, in the middle of January, Play are still unable to give him any idea of when, or if, it will arrive. They apparently took 6,000 orders, but only received 300 machines!

  9. Really great site.

  10. Guys
    I got mine just after release, though i dont think i was one of the early birds to pre-order!
    I’d recommend, ordering from Argos or HMV. They are both good and customer service is nice.


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