Wii Availability - Where to get a Wii in the UK?

With no Wii’s available in the shops, and none available from online retailers…

When will the UK get another shipment of Wiis??? Who knows??? If anyone does, please leave a comment on this post to tell everyone who was not fortunate to get their hands on a Wii!!

I am lucky enough to have a Wii, although read my previous posts and the trauma’s I had with PC World!!!

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  2. Wii Availability - My update…

For online shoppers the retailers I’ve previously mentioned are still the best to keep interest with.

So, I would recommend a visit to

And register interest with them to be emailed when the Wii is available in the UK!!!

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6 Responses to “Wii Availability - Where to get a Wii in the UK?”

  1. Hey,

    I’m one of the many in the UK who were caught up with the Wii hype too late!! So after scouring everywhere for one I’m now waiting for the next shipment to arrive. And I refuse to pay over the odds on Ebay, if it wasn’t for those people on Ebay selling them I’d have probably had got a Wii in the first place!! :(

    They probably all hav about 10 Wii’s at home waiting to make a tidy profit on each of them!!! Gits!!

    Anyway, thanks for the advice that you’ve given on your site, I’ve registered with HMV to get emailed when they are next available!

    Hopefully I’ll be successful!

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  3. I went to Brent Cross shopping centre the other day and saw one of the Nintendo Wii stands there. A Nintendo representative told me that UK stores were expecting a large shipment of Wii’s in mid January. So we should hopefully see more availability within the next week or 2. (About time!)

  4. I know one place which got a second shipment of wiis in the week after the launch…It is called Granger games in Newcastle - I am going to see if they have any stock this friday…I hope they do because if they do I will buy Wario Ware…which I was waiting till it come out before I bought my wii.

  5. Desperate for a Wii?!?!!?!?!?!

    GO to amazon.de

    £167 for a Wii, with remote, Wii sports as well.
    Works absoloutley fine - all instructions in English - set Wii to English language.

    Its all PAL in Europe, so software and hardwore work fine with it.

    Only issue - the 2 pin plug. Buy an adapter to a three pin - £1.48 from B and Q.

    It works - its great - it arives at ur door 5 days from order or next day if u wish!! If you know Amazon - the german site navigates just the same. Any problem, cut and paste the german into Google translate for the English meaning.

    I ordered my Wii on Feb 8 2007, got it Feb 13 2007. Works fine.

    If you dont mind the slightly unconventional approach…its a an excellent way to get one.

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