Wii Cyberbike

In the new year the Wii is getting a proper cycling game.  Wii Cyberbike will be released with it’s own full sized exercise bike - cyberbike wii accessory.

Since the advent of the Wii fitness and exercising has been a key seller for Nintendo.  I can remember the first time I was playing boxing on Wii Sports, and was shattered after the first fight!  So a Wii game like Cyberbike is the next evolution of this concept.  The game has not had a massive amount of press coverage yet, so I’ve uploaded the youtube video below.

The video states that Cyberbike has bene developed by BigBen interactive.  The trailer has some great quotes too for promoting the use of the Cyberbike on the Wii rather than the usual boring exercise bikes.  Quotes include:

Exercise bicycles have always been boring… Today there is better…  Much better… and a lot more fun!

Cyberbike is a new way to experience the exercise bicycle…  and manage your workout based on your fitness level and goals.

Cyberbike: an exercise bicycle and video game for exercising while having fun.

So far there is no news on the price of this game, or if it will be compatible with any other games.  I’ll develop and publish a price comparison and pre order link part to this page when the retailers like Amazon and Game have Cyberbike available on their sites.

Looking to the future, now that we have a Wii exercise bike based game.  What’s in the future, and what is in delevopment?  I’d be looking forward to see a Wii rowing machine, wii cross trainer, wii powerplate?  Any other suggestions from anybody?

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  1. Oh Wow, thats cool.

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