Wii Fit Accessories

With the phenomenal success of Wii Fit the market is open now for a gluttony of accessories.

Lo and behold the choice is amazingly varied!

How would you like to customise your Wii Fit Balance Board then?

Amazon.co.uk have 10+ options to choose from! These are, in no particular order: A Wii Fit Balance Board Cushion Mat, a rechargeable battery for the Balance Board, protective covers for the Balance Board, an officially licensed Wii Fit Yoga Mat (I kid you not!!), multiple travels cases for your Balance Board, Balance Board Ant-Slip covers….

Game also have options to choose from. Check out the links at the bottom.

With the Balance Board not being sold separately, it’ll cost you £69.99 (Or £100+ on Ebay!!) to get a new Balance Board! Assuming it can’t be fixed! So for me, a protective cover of some sort may be a wise investment!!

Retailer Description Link
List of Wii Fit Accessories at Amazon.co.uk


List of Wii Fit Accessories at Game.co.uk


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7 Responses to “Wii Fit Accessories”

  1. i have had a wii fit board since the first weekend in the UK and use it quite a lot. Interestingly, no-one seems to have developed the two accessories I believe are needed:

    Firstly a strap to put round your waist to hold the wii remote while working out. You need to keep the remote with you to go through the excercises but it gets in the way while actully performing them.

    And secondly a platform to raise the wii. When do step excersise the wii it too low to make a difference and needs to be raised like the rebok steps.

  2. Totally agree with the waist strap but cant seem to find one anywhere! Hopefully someone can come up with one and get on dragons den lol

  3. omg! same lol xx. i hav just got one i agree with the waist belt tho..

  4. Wow! I was just looking for the Wii waste or thigh strap & found this link. I can’t believe it’s not made yet.

    Well I happen to run an engineering company & could provide the solutions. The problem is, if I invested $10k for models/molds for producing these at a low cost (Retail $15) someone in China would just copy it and sell it for less.

    Anyhow… still might be worth considering. Any thoughts?

    Also, what do you guys thing would be more ideal: a waist or thigh strap. I’m thinking a thigh strap would give you better action on the aerobic games.

  5. Just found this website whilst looking for Wii Fit accessories.

    Debbie I totally agree with you, I can’t believe that Nintendo haven’t made risers for the balance board. I would also like more advanced step classes that last 30 mins and 1 hour.

    Another good idea would be some kind of dumbell that the Wii remote fits into, this would be much better for the tricep exercises.

  6. I came across this site looking for some sort of strap for the Wiimote… Ok, obviously this is our calling to invent this. Who is in?

  7. I purchased (in Canada) a fitness set that came with the Gillian Micheals (Biggest Loser) game, two dumbbells and a riser for the WII Fit at Costco for $80.

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