Wii Fit Stock available in a bundle now

UPDATE JANUARY 2010 - With Christmas past now, Wii Fit Bundles are hard to come by. The good price is available at Amazon.co.uk. I am recommending that you buy the new version of Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus which has all the original games from Wii Fit plus much more, is available for approximately £79.99 (They keep changing the price! The Wii Console plus Wii Sports Resort bundle at Amazon.co.uk is currently priced at £164.99. So the Wii Fit Plus Bundle total will be around £245. Read my Wii Fit Plus Bundle post for more details. So, I recommend you check it out, and make up your own Wii Fit Bundle at Amazon.co.uk, it will work out cheaper, and stop you getting some worthless game or accessory in the bundle from other retailers.

Retailer Description Price Link
Amazon - Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board £79.99
Amazon - Wii Console plus Wii Sports Resort £164.99
Wii Console, Wii Sports Resort Bundle and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board £239.99
Wii Console or Black Wii Console, Wii Sports Resort Bundle with Wii Fit Plus £249.99
Wii Console or Black Wii Console, Wii Sports Resort Bundle with Wii Fit Plus £249.98
Wii Console, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit bundle available £254.98-319.89
Bundles and Wii Fit alone are available £244.89
Wii Fit plus Balance Board Free with a contract phone
Wii Fit plus Balance Board Best price available from sellers
Wii Fit Plus available + Wii Console also £234.99
A variety of different bundles are available £256.99

Lots of the major retailers in the UK are selling their Wii Fit stock in bundles - probably to stop bulk buying of the game for re-sale on Ebay.

Amazon, Dixons, Game , Gamestation, and Argos all have had stock of Wii Fit’s in now in varying prices of bundles. Stock is also available at Simplygames.com, viking-direct.co.uk, Everythingplay.com and Techfocus.co.uk. They all have had some Wii Fit stock, although it is only usually available if you buy it in a bundle. Some of the bundles are available with the Wii Console itself, some with a variety of games.

They have a variety of bundles ranging from around £100 up to £309.95. All of these bundles offer a saving from if you were buying the parts of the bundles separately. The bundles contain a mixture of other games, or Wii Fit accessories… If you are looking for a Wii Fit, and don’t currently have a Wii Console, then these bundles may be the best solution for you as stock is scarce…

The bundle I’d recommend is the £309.99 priced one as this comes with 2 other excellent games: Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

Game.co.uk have got lots of bundles available ranging from £119.99 up to £279.97.  Game.co.uk have an excellent record with delivery times and only showing stock when they really have it.

Gamestation.co.uk and Dixons.co.uk also have plenty of stock at the moment in loads of different types of bundles.

Wii Fit’s on Ebay are currently going at a lower price then they were recently.  Probably due to that there is a gluttony of them for sale.  Usually around £80-100 plus delivery, which could be as much as £20.

Companies such as Techfocus.co.uk and Everythingplay.com have a number of bundles available.  Could be worth a look…

The Wii Fit Plus Bundles are priced at Very.co.uk at the best current price on the internet. Very.co.uk is website for the catalogue retailer Littlewoods. To get this deal you have to buy the Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board, and the Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort separately. This comes to a total of £268.00 plus £3.95 delivery charge.

Retailer Description Price Link
Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort £179.00
Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board £89.00
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7 Responses to “Wii Fit Stock available in a bundle now”

  1. all i want to buy is a wii fit i have got a wii but everywhere seems to sell them in bumndles please can you sell me a wii fit on its own?

  2. Hi Amelia,

    I’ve added a link to techfocus that currently have stock of Wii Fit with a few accessories. Hope this is better than the Comet Bundle pack for you. :)

  3. Would it be possible to just purchase the Wii console + Wii Fit/Board?

  4. this bundles may be the best solution for you guys, 149 in techfocus is a good deal.

  5. Thanks for posting this! Definitely a nice present to consider for Christmas.

  6. the bundles look good…and are a nice way of saving money. They’re all pretty neat, but add up quite a bit seperatly

  7. UPDATE: 23/11/2009 10.30PM

    Game.co.uk have a Limited number of Black Wii Console bundles available for £149.99.

    Check out my most recent post for the details.

    Or click here to go straight to Game.co.uk

    They only have just over 1000 bundles left at this amazing price - So if you are wanting a Black Wii Console for Christmas, I wouldn’t hang around, get in there quick!

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