Wii Games - All reviews welcome…

19 12 2006

As posted in my last blog, I finally have my Wii! :)

However, as I’m in the UK there is a shortage of Wii’s, and Games!!!!

And I only have Zelda and Wii Sports!!!

I could quite easily post reviews of Wii games (which I haven’t played, or even seen) from other sites.

But I want the views from real people, like you!!!!

So I need YOUR HELP!!!

If anyone wishes to submit a review of any Wii game please email it to me at howaboutawii@googlemail.com.

Or leave a review on this comment box at the bottom of this post, and I’ll re-post it!!

Please be as honest as possible in your reviews, so other gamers can benefit from your gaming experience!

Many thanx,





One response to “Wii Games - All reviews welcome…”

14 02 2007
Wii (12:43:48) :

great to hear you’ve got a wii may submit some reviews in the future.

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