Wii Motion Plus Games - Gladiator A.D. Preview

Gladiator AD for the Nintendo Wii is an upcoming game from High Voltage Software, the makers of The Conduit, one of the more disappointing games on the Wii as compared to its expectations.  While The Conduit failed to deliver the goods on a great game I think that Gladiator AD will be a different story because this new game might actually have one.

Gladiator AD is a fighting game that will take place in ancient Rome during the days of the Roman Empire where you will have a chance to become one of the greatest gladiators of all time.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with gladiators, they were slaves who were sometimes trained but always expected to fight other gladiators and animals to the death.  It was bloody, gruesome, and merciless and that’s exactly what we’re going to get in Gladiator AD.

Not much is known about the story of Gladiator AD.  It is stated in the trailer to the game that at a certain time every year that the Gladiators will meet in Rome to do battle in the Coliseum with the goal of becoming champion of the Gladiatorial games.

The gameplay looks brutal and fierce.  If you are a young gamer or someone who can’t stand violence, don’t buy this game.  It looks like one of the most violent games I’ve ever seen.  In the first trailer they showed a gladiator stab another in the heart and then decapitate him.   In the second trailer they one upped the brutalness.  If you’re not convinced here, is the new trailer for Gladiator AD:

As you can see here, even in the early stages of development, the game looks very good.  The graphics are somewhere in between the original Xbox and the Xbox 360.  The blood, arena and armor of the fighters looked outstanding.  The sound appears to be crisp and on the money.  Weapon clashes sound real and all the stabbing and hacking of the flesh sounds so intense that it adds to the bloody atmosphere.

The controls are what really sets the game apart from other games.  It is the first fighting game to take advantage of the Wii Motion Plus.  It will allow you to wield your main weapon with great accuracy.  The Nunchuck will control the off hand.  You can either wield  a weapon and shield, or two weapons at once.

All in all, Gladiator AD looks like a great game.  It is getting on board with the new order of the Wii Motion Plus and that is a good thing because I feel all games should be made to utilize it.  It also takes advantage of some of the stronger graphics that the Wii has to offer.  This game is also notable as it continues the trend of more adult themed games on the Wii.  The biggest knock on the Wii is the lack of games for older gamers, and that it is a kiddy console.  Well by my standards, any game that features beheadings is a game for adults.  Look for Gladiator AD to be released for the Wii sometime in early 2010.

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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