Wii Remote game pitched on Dragons Den

I’m currently watching Dragon’s Den on BBC2 here in the UK and an entrepreneur has just attempted to get money for a Wii Remote based music game.

He wasn’t successful, but it just shows how much the Wii can be used for.

The product was being pitched to the dragons by Yann Seznec, as it looked a very original music game.

Looks like its back to the drawing board for him, unless he can find another investor….  Anyone interested?

But, I’ve just done a quick search and the game is called “Wii Loop Machine”  check out his website by going here: http://www.theamazingrolo.net/wii/

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2 Responses to “Wii Remote game pitched on Dragons Den”

  1. Hi there, I met Yann at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival last week where he demo’d his software and I have to admit, it is one brilliant piece of software. It’s insanely responsive and there is no end to how far you can remix your favourite songs.

    Yann, as The Amazing Rolo, also played a short live set at the end of the festival and it was amazing how many people got up out of their seats and walked to the side of the stage to see how he was manipulating the tracks. It’s this ability to garner interest from non-gamers that sets the Wii aside from other consoles and that is why I think there will be big things in store for the Loop Machine :)


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