Wii stock, availability and stockists in the build up to Christmas

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here but I thought I’d try and help people to find a Wii for Christmas 2007.



After Christmas last year the place that consistently had Wii’s first and in the most numbers was Amazon.  However the german amazon, amazon.de always had the most.  And it was always the cheapest!!  There was no problem in buying a German Wii as all the Wiis in Europe are the same, except for buying an adaptor plug!!!!

Earlier in the year I wrote a post that helped lots of people order a Wii from Amazon.de.  Check it out here, or read the previous post in my blog.

So good luck everyone and I hope you can get a Wii in time for Christmas.


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Something different about the Wii

39 Responses to “Wii stock, availability and stockists in the build up to Christmas”

  1. Hi!
    I wanted to get my little sis a wii for xmas. I started looking a few months ago and found them everywhere for about £180. Now I looked again and nowhere has them! Apart from play for over £300!!
    Have they stopped making them or something????



  2. Hi Michelle,

    Unfortunately Europe and especially the UK always gets the last pickings from the worldwide Wii’s. If America and Japan’s demand is high then the Wii’s expected to the shipped here will be re-routed to there!!

    With Christmas approaching it looks like Nintendo have underestimated the demand again for the Wii. I’m sure the retailers in the UK will get loads soon, but then they’ll go again just as quick!!!

    It seems that at this moment only Amazon.de has some, so I’d get in there quick.


  3. Hi
    I’ve been after a Wii for some time but I refuse to pay the inflated prices being offered on Ebay. I had no luck in my local stores or online. I ordered one today (10th Oct) from Amazon de and have been given a delivery date of 15th Oct. Not bad and a lot cheaper too!

  4. Just to let people know, I ordered a Wii from amazon.de yesterday 11oct07 and paid an extra 20euros for express delivery. My order arrived today probably less than 24hrs later. Me and the Kids have been playing ever since they got back from school! Total cost including delivery was around £190. Another great service from Amazon.de.

  5. Hi I came accross your site having Googled Wii stock availability. Thanks for the tip off - I have just ordered one from Amazon.de and been given a delivery date of 2nd-10th November.

    I am a bit nervous of have I done the right thing, but at least I hope my son won’t be dissappointed come Christmas day.

    Couldn’t find the thing for express delivery, my German is non existent, thank goodness it recognised my UK account details.

    I now wait with baited breath. I will report back.

  6. Thanks. Our German isn’t great so we phoned a friend in Germany who talked us through the website. Delighted our wii is due to arrive between 2nd and 10th November. Now I can rest.( and I have saved money!!!)

  7. i have just ordered a wii from amazon.de. if anyone has got a euro model, could you please tell me what power suply you use, do you use a travel adaptor or have you put a uk three pin plug on it?
    stephanie r

  8. Well I ordered my wii Monday morning, didn’t pay for express delivery (I don’t think!) and it arrived today Wednesday. So I am thrilled. Great tip, thank you. I will have one happy boy on Christmas morning.

  9. Just ordered and expect delivery 7 - 15 November. Would have used express delivery but didn’t understand how to in German! (Even with translator).

    Fingers crossed. Will all the Wii accessories fit - I guess they are Universal??

  10. Ordered one today (Sunday 4th Nov). Will update when I receive it. Noted no express option on German site though. Need this for Xmas so hopefully express not needed. Don’t want to take chance that UK gets it stock and I can get one before their sold out again! Translator worked well. £175.30 delivered from Germany.
    Am I right in thinking that package includes only one remote and one nunchuck and for two players I will need to by additional one of each?
    Thanks in advance

  11. Can anyone tell me what happens if you need to return it? I’m having panic about it being German!

  12. Well i’ve ordered one this morning, with Sonic, play with extra remote and also bought a 2nd nunchuck.

    I’ve used amazon.de many times for German dvds and books and never had a problem… luckily i speak German as the wife is German… lol

    cannot wait for it to arrive and what a great price :-)

    see ya!


  13. Ordered one from Amazon France. 251euro including delivery. Kids will be so impressed with me.

  14. Paula,

    I’ve just posted this comment on the other post. It hopefully answers the questions about the Wii’s that would be bought from france. :)

    To read this comment please click here



  15. I have just taken your advice and ordered a Wii from Amazon de and have been advised that I will have delivery between 14 - 19 November, so fingers crossed i am now looking for somewhere to purchase an adaptor to convert it from the 2 pin german plug to 3 pin uk plug someone suggested B & Q but they don’t seem to stock them, any suggestions pls

  16. I followed your advice and ordered from Amazom Germany on 30/10/07 and have just received it (5/11/07)!
    Thanks so much, I have been looking for this for a month, and like other people refuse to pay the rip off prices on Ebay which is about the only place you can get them.

  17. Hi Sue,

    On the comments section on the other post a few people have recommended a plug convertor (2 pin to 3 pin) from Maplins. Seems to be a good option as it has a surge protector aswell.

    Hope that helps


  18. An update: Heard from Amazon de that the Wii has been despatched and should be with me 08/11. I’m thinking a travel (or shaver adapter ?) plug may be what we would need - if so, try travel shops or even Tesco (I’ve seen them there in the past).


  19. I assume that any bought from France Amozon.fr would also be suitable for UK use with an adapter ?

  20. Have just ordered a Wii from Germany. A few translation problems but hopefully it will arrive in time for my daughter for Christmas.

  21. Alison,

    Please don’t use shaver adapter, they are fine for shavers or electronics running on a battery (like mobiles) but not suitable for game consoles/TVs etc because they have only 1amp fuse in them. I have managed to melt the fuse wire on a couple of these therefore speaking from personal experience, get a proper one with 3 amp fuse which will really last longer.

    I ordered one from amazon.de yesterday (05/11) - original email advised delivery date 15-19th nov but another email today confirmed it has been sent and should be here around 12/11. Can’t wait though :)


  22. Hi guys,

    To help the ordering I’ve created a web-page with a step-by-step guide for ordering a Wii at Amazon.de.

    To go there, either click here, or click the tab titled “HOW TO ORDER FROM AMAZON.DE” at the top of the blog!!

    Good luck everyone


  23. Received my Wii from Germany today (wednesday 7/11) that I ordered on Sunday 5/11. Many thansk for the advice, Dan.

    By the way, couldn’t we just cut the two pin German plug off the end of the power lead and wire in a UK plug with a 3a fuse?

  24. Graeme,

    I think that you can just cut the plug off and replace it with a UK one.

    I wouldn’t see that as a problem.

    Check out the other comments on the other post as I think that has been answered before somewhere!!!



  25. After three failed orders with UK retailers (what is an order confirmation email really worth!), I took the Amazon De route. Ordered Monday 5th Nov, Wii arrived all shiney today - Thursday 8th. Fab, easy and at only £181 a steal. All in order, the Wii Sports manual includes english, but you can download the manual from Nintendo anyway.
    Get a decent 2 to 3 plug convertor (avoid the shaver adapters - fuse is too weak) and away you go.

  26. Having problems.. The Amazon.de web-site stated that it could not ship to a country with shipping restrictions! Tried both my stored Amazon uk details and inputted manually with German spelling of Great Britain (no mean feat for someone who was thrown out of German lessons after two weeks!). Anyone else suffered this problem & got round it? Any help much appreciated

  27. Hi

    I just tried to order a Wii console from Amazon.de but was told that they couldn’t deliver to my address in Scotland. Can anyone else advise if they have had this problem??


  28. Hi everyone,

    I’ve only just got back from my day job and moderated your comments.

    A few days ago I got an email from Amazon.de saying that I couldn’t link anyone to their website due to the increase in demand from customers in the UK.

    I removed my links, widgets etc on this blog, and it seems that Amazon.de have now taken it one stop further and are now preventing people from ordering a Wii from Amazon.de… “Insert your chosen curse here and collectively swear at them!!!!”

    Unfortunately, it looks like that this avenue for acquiring a Wii before Christmas has now closed.

    Can anyone else shed some light on this?

    Sorry guys, if I hear of, come up with, another method of getting a Wii I’ll blog about it straight away.


  29. Amazon.de are now letting you order from the uk again.My mate just ordered one today. Mine should be here wed .

  30. Hi,
    Great link now I know where all the overpriced versions are coming from on Ebay!! Anyway thanx I have just placed my order too with delivery date of tommorrow [surely not!] so now its just hiding it form the wife until xmas day!

    One last thing has anyone tried putting a UK plug on one of these? I know I could get the adapter but I fancy sticking a plug on but am not up with my German wiring at tyhe moment!

    Again, well done mate cracking information..

  31. Seems its been blocked again. Glad i got mine in time.

  32. Wow! So chuffed. Got our Wii today from Germany. Ordered it on the 6th, so just a week and only £176.82! Thanks Dan for the advice to buy from Germany. Just need an adapter now so next stop Maplins.
    Hope you all have a great Christmas with your Wiis!
    Alison B

  33. Go to my homepage to see how to get a Wii now from another german retailer!!

    Or go there now direct by clicking here

  34. Hi, I had resigned myself to no Wii until after Christmas until I found this site. I ordered my Wii from amazon.de on Saturday night(10/11) and it arrived Wednesday morning (14/11). Maybe the problem is if you haven’t got a UK amazon account already set up? Bonus was that the Wii was only around £175 with postage of just 6 Euros.

  35. hiya, order my Wii from amazon.de on sunday 11/11, arrived wed 14/11. Brilliant! but it seems amazon.de have closed their site for ordering from England again. Keep checking!

  36. 17th Nov. Hello, thanks for the advice re Amazon.de. I got in easily with my UK login, but not speaking a word of German, and the screens being slightly different than the UK site, I called a friend who lives in Germany. There was no way we could get it to ship to the UK, so it may very well now be withdrawn for international shipments. But he bought it and is bringing it across at Christmas! Around 260 Euros with an extra controller and sports package. It is amazing just how much Amazon in the UK is charging. Didn’t think of buying abroad, so this site has been really helpful, will have happy kids on Christmas Day - thanks!

  37. Received mine in 3 days. Thankyou so much. My son has no idea he is getting it for Christmas. I have the sports pack so I believe I need to invest in another controller.Are they generally available here or should I order from Germany again?
    Thanks again. Great tip .

  38. Hi
    I am one of those parents still hunting down a wii for my son, after trying all the usual and recommended routes I am still having trouble tracking one down. I did order one from computeruniverse.net a couple of weeks ago but they have just emailed me to say they haven’t got any to send out because they are being hit very hard for orders from the UK and the rest of Europe. Can anyone offer any help please? Getting very frustrated now!! I will not buy one from those robbing con merchants from ebay either, no morals, no conscience!!!!!

  39. I bought a wii from amazon.de. much cheaper but when arrived it was broken. I asked for a replacement, shipping cost me £20 quid, they haven’t sent a replacement but refunded what i paid minus the shipping. I’m out of pocket and nothing to give my littl’n for christmas :(