Wii Stockists - My gripes with PC World continue…

Received a letter through the post this morning from PC World..

It states:

“Thankyou for pre-ordering your Wii with us. As communicated at the time of your pre-order and due to the unprecendented demand for the console along with a European shortage in stock, we are currently unable to deliver your order.

However we are working closely with Nintendo to ensure we fulfil your pre-order by 16th December 06.

We are working on a first come, first served basis and we will write to you again, once your Wii pre-order is in store for collection.”


A load of rubbish really methinks.

  1. It wasn’t communicated at the time of my pre-order - When I asked if I could pre-order a Wii with them back in October, the baffled look I got from about 3 assistants was priceless!!! Idiots!!
  2. Why are they working on a first come, first served basis??
  3. And why write to me when MY WII that I’ve left a deposit for is in store… Surely it would be better to contact me by a faster way than snail-mail!!! RING ME!!! I GAVE YOU MY MOBILE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else got a bullsh*t letter like this?

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3 Responses to “Wii Stockists - My gripes with PC World continue…”

  1. You’re doing better than me! I pre-ordered a Wii from PC World back at the start of November, as it got closer and closer to the release date I kept checking my order details and it was sat on “Awaiting release date - 08/12/06″. So I check again on the 8th - “Awaiting release date - 31/01/07″. Ouch! Helpfully they’ ve sent out the nunchuck and copy of Zelda I ordered, fat lot of use either of them are without the system. I’ve ordered one from Germany, should hopefully be here in the next day or two.

    *crosses fingers*

  2. [...] Wii Stockists - My gripes with PC World continue… [...]

  3. I’ve got my pre-order with PC World, but let’s be fair… lots of people put their names down for very few consoles. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to be allocated, but then I pre-ordered in November so more fool me. As for why operate on a first come first served basis? Personally, if I’d been the very first person to pre-order a console I would expect to be the very first person to receive one. Very nonsensical comment you made there!

    As for customer service from PC World, I’m not their biggest fan by a mile, but to be fair to them they phoned me before Christmas (about a week before) and told me they were very sorry that they hadn’t been able to fulfil my pre-order as yet and that they were hoping for another shipment to be delivered (from Nintendo) by mid January. Personally, I found it very refreshing and reassuring that they actually bothered to phone customers who had a pre-order to inform them of the situation. If we’re looking for people to blame, I’d suggest starting with Nintendo for either withholding stock of consoles or not producing enough in the first place!

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