Wii Stockists - Why I now HATE PC World!

As previously mentioned in one of my posts that in a moment of madness I pre-ordered my Wii from PC World.

I’ve just popped into my local store, and I’m NOT getting my Wii today!!!!!!!!!

Several insults were exchanged with the not-so-helpful duffer who told my this! They can say that I WILL (yeah right!!) get a Wii before Christmas, but they can’t tell me when!!


So rather than playing Wii Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Boxing, Baseball, and Zelda tonight I’ll be off down the pub to drown my sorrows!!!

Has anyone got their Wii from PC World today???

Has anyone got their Wii from HMV today?? (A mate of mine told me that they said that the delivery truck has crashed and so won’t be getting his Wii today either!!!!!!)

Has anyone in the UK got a Wii at all today???


Please use this blog as a sounding board to vent your frustration, and join me in a lifetime boycott of PC World and the other companies that are a part of that empire!!!!

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Something different about the Wii

10 Responses to “Wii Stockists - Why I now HATE PC World!”

  1. I feel your anger!!!!!!

    My boyfriend pre ordered at HMV, Play.com, Curry’s, Game and PC World - better to be safe than sorry.
    We went into pc world on tuesday and they said we were definately getting our Wii on friday - we were 4th on the list . Today when the mail came there was a letterfrom pc world saying they cant get us one!!! I dont beleive for a second that PC world got less than 4 machines in. I think staff must be taking them!

    I called PC World’s rubbish call centre who dont let you speak to the store and they said that they had 300 pre orders but only got 1000.

    Im so frustated - really want to scream but will save that for when my Wii finally is in stock!!

  2. I actually work for PC World and we got our delivery of Wii’s on Wednesday. We got a grand total of 2 in our store lol.

    I had the sense to know better and pre-ordered mine from HMV (Well my girlfriend pre-ordered it as its an xmas gift tome).

    We called down to the store a few weeks ago to pay off the remaining cash that we owed them and were told that they were only getting 28 of them in and the guy responsible for it had been calling people earlier in the week to tell them if they were getting one or not.

    As we hadn’t got a call we asked him to find out whereabouts we were in the list and were we getting one. He was pretty adament that he couldn’t check it and the guy responsible wasn’t working that day and only he could do it.

    After much complaining we eventually asked to see a manager.
    We spoke to a polite and udnerstanding assistant manager who apologised for her staff’s imcompetence and checked on their system and told us we were number 10 on the list and would be getting one.

    My girlfriend inquired about student discount and the manager told us that they didn’t offer it on hardware but she would give us it this time to apologise for the incident, so we go an additional 10% off :)

    So we called into HMV today to pick up the Wii and got it fine, except for the member off staff who served us getting a bit cheeky when he checked our receipt and seen we got student discount, insisting “You can’t get that on hardware, you shouldn’t have got that” but fortunately for us the manager who gave us it was serving on the next till and explained the situation to him lol.

    So we finally got my Wii and with 10% off to boot, but i still won’t be able to play it until Dec 25th lol

  3. I have preordered my Wii from GAME and i patiently waited in all day for the Royal Mail van park up outside my house to hand over my precious Wii….but it wasnt to be….they say that the next batch is in 2-3 weeks which is way too late since i aim to play this on Christmas day….i even went into shops today and in most i got the response “oh, if u came here earlier u could have got one” wen was i told that i didnt need a preorder the console to get one at launch….but if anyone goes near Lakeside in Thurrock u WILL NOT get one until late January 2007 which is ridiculous

  4. I got 2 Wii’s. One from Amazon and one from Woolworths today. Exchanged the second Wii for a new XBOX360 premium pack as my mate has promissed his kids a Wii for christmas. I say dont panic as the big stores are sure to get more stock. Apparently there are some delivery lorries stuck in Dover. My arm hurts from playing tennis all day :-)

  5. I ordered mine from PC world, five days after my friend.
    He got his on the launch day at 08.45.
    I got an email basically saying “wait”


    BTW - from the news (gamesindustry.biz):
    “We’re expecting to fulfil all pre-orders on the day,” said Hamish Thompson of DSG [owners of PC World]. “We’re continuing to take pre-orders but informing consumers that they probably won’t be able to be fulfilled until after Christmas.”“We’re expecting four deliveries between now and Christmas and we expect them all to go to pre-orders. If customers haven’t already pre-ordered then they’ve probably missed the boat.”

    Can anyone else see the contradiction there?

  6. Well, I pre-ordered a Wii from currys, along with my boyfriend who also ordered 1 minute after me! We ordered on the 4th Nov. We were number 2 and 3 in the queue! “Great!” I thought, “I’m probably guaranteed one on release day!” Urgh, no! Turns out “APPARENTLY” they had 1. YES 1!!!! The whole of the store had 1 console on the 8th of Dec. Hmmm. I called on the Thursday the 7th to be told this info. No-one had called me or anything to explain the situation. Hardly great customer service for one of the leading stores in the UK.

    Well, on the day we then received a letter saying they are working with nintendo to fulfill our order for the 16th Dec. We are next in queue so we’ll see what happens. Watch this space!

    BUT - failing the delivery from currys, I called my local Tesco store to find out they were having 46, so then off we were to go and queue up for our wiis. We were both lucky and managed to get one each. We were 28 and 29 in queue! The Tesco staff were great, so helpful and very informative. So Tesco workers, from the Top Valley store in Nottingham, I praise you! Thanks so much! :D

    And as for currys, you sure your staff didn’t nick our consoles?? ha ha.

  7. I WANT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where can i order one from with confidence? and how long am i going to wait? ive seen them on the tele but yesterday my mate told about one he’d played on and how good it was - so i can no longer wait and MUST get one!!!

    wheeeeere though???????????????/



  8. I have just moved back to the USA and went to best Buy on Sunday morning to buy a couple of telephones. Imagine my surprise to find a line of people outside the store (I’d gone an hour early by accident). When I asked them what they were waiting for they told me that a batch of Wiis were arriving that day. Everyone knew their number in the line exactly, and when I went back an hour and ten minutes later to bu my ‘phones I had to stand in line behind the last Wii buyer of the day. Apparently 24 had been delivered.

    I’d have thought if Nintendo knew what they were doing there would no longer be a shortage of Wii machines. While it must be gratifying to have people queuing up for them it essentially means that business is going begging, so the shareholders should be bollocking the management for incompetence.

  9. They do it on purpose. It’s a trick learnt from Sony with the PS1 and PS2 - understock stores - create a buying frenzy, it makes the console appear more popular than it really is and so creates more interest.

  10. We went everywere for a wii console and no were had any wiis in store so we have had to order on line and it costs £130.00

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