Wii’s are available!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I’ve sorted out a couple of links to other sites which are in Germany.

It isn’t as easy to navigate as other sites, Amazon.de for example, so I’d recommend using either babelfish or google translator.

The links are below and will take you straight to the order screen:



Please leave a comment if you are successful, with how easy/hard it is to order.

**Update (18/11/2007 9.00pm)**

Both Conrad and Cxtreme are both showing that the Wii’s are available, but not until 28/11/2007.

It seems that Cxtreme is easier to buy from than conrad, use the link above to go directly.

If you read the comments section on the post Jackie has posted about buying from Cxtreme. It seems that they will email you an invoice, then once they have the funds from you (a bank transfer I believe), they will then post your Wii. Cxtreme is a part of the Conrad group which is a worldwide organisation.

Good luck everyone :)

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Something different about the Wii

57 Responses to “Wii’s are available!!!!!!”

  1. just ordered a wii from this site all gone thru ok paid by paypal (other methods avalible) fingers crossed all goes well i will let you know in due corse.

  2. Just ordered a wii console + wii play. Paid by credit card. Opted for mail/post delivery. Total cost- circa Euro 321 (£229). Amazing!!
    Cant wait for the delivery!!

  3. Just ordered one to, will update when arrives.. hopefully.

    Ps those scum on E bay should be hung

  4. Taken the plunge and bought one by credit card from Computer Universe. I previously got one for a family member for Christmas… and then decided I wanted one too. :) Fingers crossed stock is good, and delivery okay.

  5. “I previously got one for a family member for Christmas…”

    That was from amazon.de when they were a bit more forthcoming!

  6. Confirmation email through. Wii Console & Wii Sports for EUR249 + EUR24.50 for shipping handling means EUR273.50. And if it’s not obvious, the SKU on the website matches the wii I have here that came from amazon.de i.e. it only needs a UK plug.

  7. I have tried to buy one but sadly when ever I try to pay via paypal it wont let me. I guess there is something wrong with the site or with my computer…

    Just thought would let you guys knows in case you have the same problem..

  8. Hi guys,

    Glad people have managed to order a Wii. I may have a few other retailers in the pipeline that have Wii’s available once this current site runs out!!! Which they will if they continue to be sold at the same rate!

    That is so far over 100 have been purchased already!!! In less than 12 hours!!!

    This site has become more popular over the past month, i.e. more hits in the past 2 weeks, than in the previous 4 months!!! So much so I’ve had to upgrade my hosting!!! Please pledge me a pint if you’re successful :)



  9. Just to let you know, i think that new website has run out of stock now. MY order says that it is waiting for the next delivery of stock on 7/12/2007.
    I have canceld my order from there.

    Are there any other websites which we can order from ?



  10. the site now says that your Wii will be ordered from the supplier.

    does this differ from what they were saying before?

    if so, looks like they’re out of stock.

    …. damn!

  11. Out of interest is Wii Play with Free Remote from Amazon in English? I can’t get it anywhere.

  12. I meant to say from German Amazon but yeah.

  13. After being disappointed with the Amazon.de site I have ordered one from Computer Universe today. Thanks very much - will donate to pint fund once received! By the way, does anyone know anything about the free money back guarantee you can sign up for once your order has been placed?

  14. Hi Julia. Yes I did sign up for the money back guarantee. I tried to read the fine prints and thought there were no catches. Its free to register and acts as an insurance in case your delivery gets dealyed by more than 3-4 weeks.

  15. Thanks Avinash, I also thought it looked ok but just wanted some reassurance that I hadn’t signed up for anything ‘dodgy’. Let’s hope it all goes smoothly and we won’t need the money back guarantee!

  16. just been on to check on my order and they say that it is expected into stock in the 7.12.2007.
    Ordered last night!! whats went wrong is everone having this problem ???

  17. Does anyone know whether the Sports game is in German?


  18. Hmm slight warning , I too attempted to pay via Paypal. The funds have been debited from my account but no Paypal invoice or confirmation email from computeruniverse regarding the payment. My Paypal transaction history shows no such payment either, so I’m a little worried.

    I’ve sent them an email asking for advice on the missing 269 euros , and im about to phone my bank too.

  19. the site now says that your Wii will be ordered from the supplier.

    does this differ from what they were saying before?

    if so, looks like they’re out of stock.

  20. Hi all. I ordered a wii from computer universe last night and later posted some info here. Thoday I have got an email from them asking me to send a photocopy of the front and back copy of my credit card, scratching the first 10 digits of the card number. They say its an additional security check and have also asked for my signature and the address the card is registered to.
    It obviously makes me a little uncomfortable. Although I must confess that I started the transaction with one card but later switched to a different one. I am not sure if this has led them to do another check.

    Anyways, if any one else have got such mail from computer universe, please can you post? It certainly has dampened the excitment with which I was expecting my wii delivery.

  21. In answer to my own question - I emailed them and this was the reply:

    “Thanks for your inquiry.

    As a matter of fact we do ship most products almost world wide. Please just use our online shopping cart system for ordering and make the neccessary selections.

    The Wii sold in Germany can also be used in the UK. Menus can be switched to English, as can the included software (Wii Sports), and the manuals are multi lingual, English among the options. You may need an adaptor for the power plug however, since it is a standard European one and not the UK-specific 3-pin plug.

    Best regards

    Volker Schmidt-Moritz
    Customer Service”

    So looks like all is well - just need to reconfirm the christmas list (kids change their mind from day to day) and away I go!! :-)

  22. Hi Avinash, I ordered a wii last night and this morning had an email asking for the address the credit card I used went to as I listed the invoice address as a work address, but they have not asked for anything else. Hopefully it all goes ok! Will definately pledge a pint when it hopefully arrives!

  23. Hi all,

    With regards to computer universe, I too have had such an email asking me for a copy of both the front and back on my debit card. At first I tried using my credit card, but it didn’t seem to work and failed at the verified by visa stage at which point I thought nothing of it so tried my debit card, which worked. Earlier this morning I tried to purchase from a well known UK store and the credit card was rejected, after ringing the card company I was told that the site I tried to order from earlier (Computing Universe) had triggered amber lights or something and the card was blocked etc. I then rang my debit card company who told me no money was taken at all. So all I say is be vary wary with that site, there must be some reason its triggered my card company to such an extent they blocked my card and lost me my Wii at another local online store lol. As I say the photocopying request seems abit strange and I was told NEVER to do such as thing EVER by both card companies.

    This is just my experience, but please be wary.


  24. Hi guys,

    I’m just back from the dayjob and seen the messages!

    I’ve emailed computeruniverse on your behalf and they said:

    “Last night we’ve received hundreds of orders within minutes from the UK alone (so, yes, we’re aware of the shortage in the UK; and the prices they fetch on eBay UK at the moment ), not to speak of the normal orders we continually receive from within Germany.�

    From that, it looks like all the orders will be honoured.

    It seems a lot of the orders came via this site. Over 250 in fact!!!

    I’m in email conversations with other online retailers in Europe at the moment. I should have definite answers soon and I’ll put the links up on the page as soon as I can.


  25. I also got the e-mail about faxing my credit card. I think the reason why is because I ordered at my work address, and my card is obviously registered at home. Has anyone actually done this yet and got a positive reply from the company that their wii has been shipped?

  26. Hi Martin

    Yes, even I asked to deliver to my work address whereas my card is registered to my home address. I have sought the clarification through email about the need to send the photocopy of my credit card as it really seems odd and out of general practice. I am not too inclined to send my card details even if that means canceling the order. Sad but true!!

    Pete, even I was taken to my bank’s payment gateway where I tried to enter the pwd a couple of time but it did not work. Then switched to my credit card and the transaction was successful. This afternoon got a mail to send the card details. Havent checked if the first credit card I tried to book with has been blocked or not.

  27. Using your very helpful info I was able to get a Wii from Amaozon.de. Ordered it on a Tuesday night it was here by Thursday lunch time. Ordered 2 others for friends Monday night and they arrived today. Have tried to order again from Amazon.de but says cannot ship to the address given, which is the same address that the others were delivered to. Have Germany stopped sending to the UK like France?

  28. Tried to order from Conrad in Germany but I think it says it will only accept debit card details from German banks. Have I understood this properly?

  29. With regard to computeruniverse.net. I got an order confirmation at 23:03 last night and have had no other communication from them since - although by the sound of it that seems like a good thing? IIRC I entered two addresses at order time - home and work, with the intention of them shipping to work. When I ordered, stock was showing as the green ‘north-east’ arrow. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  30. Hi Ann,

    I think that the first link to the xtreme site of conrad is simpler, and believe you can pay by credit card.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  31. Faxing the card details is not unusual when ordering from overseas.

    See the comments on the bbc working lunch website, Sandra Quinn from Apacs on BBC’s Working Lunch answers this question.

  32. I received an email from computer universe saying the card address all matched and would proceed with order, so fingers crossed!

  33. Can anyone comment on the new websites, like the swiss one or the conrad one ? are they trust worthy/ easy to order from ?



  34. Tried the xtreme site but doesn’t seem to let you pay by credit card. Also tried the Swiss site but got the message that they can’t ship here

  35. swiss site wont let you select a wii - it says

    Dieser Artikel ist nur in der Schweiz lieferbar.

    “This item is only available in Switzerland”.

  36. also, cxtreme gives me three payment options:

    Bankeinzug - Bank transfer (German banks only)

    Vorauskasse - Prepayment (IBAN / SWIFT bank transfer - UK banks normally charge about £20+ for this)

    Payment on Delivery - Nachnahme - you have to pay the delivery guy, but usually in cash only.

  37. I cant order a wii from german amazon! i dont know what im doing wrong! but when i get to the address part it says they dont deliver to my address????
    Im from UK

  38. cXtreme are part of Conrad.de.
    I placed a Wii order on the cXtreme site. I thought I would get asked to input credit card details, but they just thanked me for my order! I found a Customer Services telephone number on the Conrad.de Site 0049 9604 40 88 80
    There was English speaking staff. She said I will get a pro-forma invoice by email on Monday. As soon as they receive funds, the Wii will be shipped.
    I did not have the choice to pay by Credit Card or PayPal. Has to be by bank transfer.

  39. I emailed Quelle and they say they only deliver within Germany

  40. looks like we’ve bled quelle dry too…

    “wird nachgeliefert, in 1-2 Wochen”

    == “To be confirmed, in 1-2 weeks”


  41. sorry, thats only the wii sports + wii play bundle.

    the mario party bundle is still in stock, but IMHO less good value.

  42. Amozon.de no longer deliver to uk, unless you buy from the market place, prices vary about £210. (16/11/07).
    luckly I know someone who works in Germany and got it delivered to him.
    Best of luck

  43. just put an order in for a wii and a bit confused. been using the google translator. had trouble with my post code. their zip code box didn’t fit all my postcode in and i only noticed on the order confirmation page. i emailed the foriegn help desk with my converted english!!! don’t know whether they’ll understand my jumbled german!!

    Help! how do i pay do they send it through email.

    very confused!!

  44. Hi Rebecca,

    From what I understand that cxtreme will email you with a reference number and their own bank details. (i.e. their sort code and account number). You then have to transfer the money to their account.

    I believe they will then send you Wii to you.

    Can anyone confirm this?


  45. when you try to register on Quelle, the UK isnt in the dropdown of countries.

  46. Thank you for the contacts. Have just manages to obtain our Wii from cextreme although it isn’t easy. The best way to order is email your requirement, invoice and delivery address to, international.sales@conrad.de they then send an acknowledgement email with a reference number and later will email you the pro-former invoice and their bank details for transfering funds. This isn’t straight forward as German banks have more digits than British banks and our bank site wouldn’t take it. However we made the transfer by phoning the bank direct and they did it for us at a charge of £14.
    We paid cextreme 277.16 euros. Hope this helps others buy their christmas presents. We will advise when it arrives.

  47. Hello All,

    I have just placed an order for two Wii’s tonight and I received the following message when after I hit the Bestellung abschicken button.

    We will soon examine the order and process.
    The following data, we have registered:

    Order your reference number is: xxxxxxxxxx

    I guess I just wait to hear back from them. The Mrs is not to chuffed with what I have just done but I will hopefully be rubbing it in her face when the arrive. Should I have just ordered one to see if it wored first?

    I also tried to order though Amazon from Germany this morning and found that they have blocked all orders with UK addresses. Seems they have followed France.

    Woolworths have got some on their web site tonight (went on at 18:00) although it is the package with 5 games at £295 which is more than I want to pay at the moment.

    Thanks for posting this info. Here’s hoping that I get my two wii’s or my wife will kill me.


  48. Hi All

    I am currently living in Europe (BELGIUM) I have left my email address as if there are enough interested parties who live near Dover/Maidstone/Attleborough/Thetford/Norwich I would willingly purchase several and would be more than willing to post (but would prefer collection in person). They are PAL version, Brand New In The Box, and I have one so I know they are ok, I have so far bought 3 and have one here, and two have gone home. If you are stuck, and need one that badly, I would add the cost of my fuel to Dunkirk and my ferry crossing to cover my costs, I do not say that it is cheaper than some of the web sites listed here, however, you can collect it in person, and the complete Nintendo Wii system would cost 220 pounds. I have a son, and went throught the X-Box 360 saga of chasing round shops a year ago. Unfortunately I do not have the time,energy or money, to set up a web-site to sell these as a business. They all come with receipts, and I have been informed a two year warranty. I have included a mobile number (Number removed by Webmaster) it is Belgium (For those of you who may be dubious-pse be aware it will cost you to ring, although as can be seen it is not an 0898 number), if I do not answer within 4 rings pse hang up as I could be driving to work (usually 06 30 am UK time). I have added for (your benefit not mine) It is on 24 hrs for work purposes, and my time is 1 hour ahead of you back in Blighty. If enough people are interested I would willingly supply a collection address in Norwich UK, for this forthcoming weekend, or Maidstone or Dover, or Thetford. Alternatively if you have another idea that is feasible please let me know. Rgds Carl

    Update: After discussing this with Carl, I have removed his mobile number, however his email is carlbetts17@hotmail.com if you wish to contact him.


  49. Hello Just to give people advice in how to get a wii, this site has been helpful,
    Ho wi got mine, go to ebay.co.uk put a search in for wii, in the boxes to the left put in (NEW), and further down put in (buy it now), and then at the top of the page put the choice of lowest price first, on about page 8 you will see a company called gameshop007 they are based in germany, they are a shop which has sold hundered of them, with over 9,000 feedbacks and DHL del in 3 days, i paid £208+ £29.95 del=£237.95
    now this is more expensive than argos ets but, you won’t get one unless your lucky, and i refuse to pay £300+from amazon.
    not sure if this is a help but i hope it is.
    all the best kev


    UPDATE 28/11/07

    Thanks for this Kevin.  To make it easier for people I’ve added a link below that will take you straight to this sellers items!

    Link here now


  50. I ordered from Computeruniverse.net yesterday 20th and paid and got email order confirmation which said payment would be taked when item is ready for shipping . When I checked my order status today it says stock is subject to fluctuation. The payment has been deducted from my card [ I phoned the card issuer to check ] but I have heard nothing from the site and have not been asked for confirmation of card etc. Does this mean I am in queue for stock or what ? I am confused . anyone have any info ?

  51. Re the above post … I phoned them up and they wont have stock until 12th December !! but said ’should’ deliver before Christmas . I am not risking it and cancelled so where else can I find a Wii in stock ?

  52. if you are in the north west and can collect i have a brand new wii for sale all i want for it is the price it cost me which is £210 (have receipt to prove it) if your interested email me at chrishughes7@hotmail.com

  53. Hi, just to let you know that i got my wii today brand new, with plug and english instructions,ordered it monday at 1pm, delivered today a 11am, not bad from germany hey, so if your stuck have a look at my post.
    have a nice christmas kevin.

  54. Have tried all the German sites tonight and none will deliver to the UK - where the fcuk (sic) is the free EU market?


  56. Recieved my WII from computeruniverse.net, well pleased had a little go before its wrapped for Christmas.. Thanks..

  57. I received my Wii from computeruniverse.net today - one calendar month since order. Excellent - many thanks for the assistance. :)