Win a Free Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board Competition

Wii Fit PlusWelcome to the free to enter Wii Fit Plus Competition for UK residents,  here at

That’s right, this contest is FREE to enter, and you can win the upcoming sequel to the excellent Wii Fit - Wii Fit Plus. With all the original games from Wii Fit, plus fifteen more balance games and six new strength training and yoga activities.


Wii Fit Plus and the Balance Board is available for order now from many retailers. Check them out and the current prices below if you are interested in finding out more about this great game:

Retailer Description Price Link
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £79.99
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £79.99
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £79.99
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £79.99
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £89.73
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £89.95
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £89.99
Wii Fit Plus bundle with the Wii Balance Board £89.79 plus £4.95

To learn more about the Wii Fit Plus game please read one of my previous posts:

  1. Wii Fit Plus
  2. Wii Fit Plus Pre Order sales high post

So then, how do you enter this FREE competition to win a Wii Fit Plus game with a Wii Balance Board?

It’s simple really, you just have to do 2 things:

  1. Subscribe to the How About A Wii blog via email - enter your email in the sidebar in the “Subscribe to How About A Wii blog. Enter you email address:” box.  You must then verify the subscription, this checks it’s a valid email address
  2. In the comments part of this post, in 50 words or less please answer the question “What do you love most about the Wii?”, leave your name and the same email address (this will not be published on the site).

So that’s it, the best answer to the question “What do you love most about the Wii?”, will win the Wii Fit Plus game and Wii Balance Board, which is worth £89.99.

The final date for the competition is 12.00pm on October 27th 2009.  The winner will be announced at 9pm on October 27th 2009, they will be notified on this blog and by email.  Wii Fit Plus is due for release on 30th October 2009 in the UK, so the pre-order that I have made with will be delivered to the winner for the release date.

Competition Rules:

  1. Only 1 entry per person and per household (this can be checked against the comments left)
  2. The same email address must be used to subscribe to the howaboutawii feed and leaving the answer to the question.
  3. Only residents of the United Kingdom can enter, this is so delivery can be made on the launch day.
  4. The winner will be chosen by, and the decision is final.

So there you have it.  Leave your answer to the question below, and good luck.

This competition is listed on:, - UK Competitions. The Competition listed at Competitions Today too.

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51 Responses to “Win a Free Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board Competition”

  1. I love my Nintendo Wii
    Its a lot more fun than PC
    Played with Wiimote and nunchuck
    Even I don’t suck
    Its great for the family

  2. Thanks Jo B for the first entry.

  3. the wii keeps you fit, its a family activity you can do together, great games, and easy to do

  4. Why do I love my wii?
    Because it is important you see
    seven kids, six grandchildren all agree
    It’s for all the family, even ME!
    I am fiftyone years old,
    To me my wii is just pure gold

  5. I think the wii is great for family time and bringing families closer together. Its also a fantastic way to keep fit, your exercising and having fun!! how fab is that.

  6. I love my friends Wii fit, I need one of my own

  7. Hi guys,

    I’ve brought the closing date of the competition forward as the Wii Fit release date for the UK has been brought forward to the 30th October 2009.

    So the closing date for the competition will be:
    12.00pm 27th October 2009.
    The winner will be announced on and by email on:
    9.00pm 27th October 2009.



  8. My family are Fat
    We need a lot of help - not a bit
    The fun way to slim
    Would be using a Wii Fit

  9. Why do I want a wii fit?
    I just want to try it a bit,
    With wii sports shooting ducks
    Swinging both my nunchuks
    The worst bit was smashing my telly!

  10. I love the Wii because my boyfriend is so focused on it when hes playing for hours, that I can have peace and quiet!

  11. its great for keeping the whole family entertained young and old fandabidozy

  12. what other activity can keep my 3 year old neice, 7 year old nephews, 11 year old sis, 15 year old bro, 29 year old me and 55 year old dad entertained, all at the same time??

    its quite simply…flippin’ brill!!!

  13. I Love the fact that we must have played wii sports a million times and yet it never gets boring! Everyone from My Mum to My 2 year old Daughter enjoys playing it, and its nice to exercise whist playing a computer game!

  14. I would just to loose weight in a fun way, my friends Wii got me convinced….i need one too.

  15. I love the way the Wii brings the whole family together, that all adults become children, and you end every game with stomach ache and mascara running down your face from crying with laughter at yourself and everyone else. Best entertainment money can buy!!

  16. the wii is a brill console
    bought for the kids and me
    now on weekends when theres nowt to do
    we can play as a family

    my 6 yr old lad gets selfish
    thinks its all for him
    until i tell him i’ll sell it
    not that i’d be that dim

    i use the wii fit
    to try and get in shape
    not that it makes a differance
    cuz i’m still as fat as a grape

  17. I love my wii
    It loves me too
    It says to me
    What shall we do?

    Play a game?
    Keep you fit?
    Wiimote at the ready
    and punch and hit.

    Its fun, I love it
    Its for the family
    But no one loves it
    As much as me.

  18. I love my Wii because…..

    Wii are family
    All my sisters and brothers agree
    Wii are family
    Including dad and mummy !

  19. I have always wanted a Wii…,
    There is so much there to see…
    You can ski down a hill or ride on a board;
    And dont leave the house..which many cant afford..
    Your dreams can come true.
    On the Wii you CAN do…
    So here I am on bended knee..

  20. Wii = We (Togetherness with family and friends)
    Wii = Wee (What you often forget you need to do when playing on it)
    Wii = Weeeee! (What you shout when playing on it)
    Wii = Mine (What I hope the result of this competition will be)

  21. A fun thing for all to do
    Me, my family, my best friends too
    Even Grandad, who’s sixty three
    What is it?, its a Nintendo Wii

  22. I love the wii as its something that the whole family can use either together or sepratley plus our friends get involved too everyone loves the wii

  23. Its an e-motional rollercoaster ride from “joy” when it’s turned on, to “love” playing on it, to “fear” losing to your kids again, to “sorrow” when it’s switched off and finally to “hope” to play again soon.

  24. i like the versatility of the console and the fact it’s something a whole family of different ages can truly use whether it be together or alone. it’s also easily expandable: you can choose what you want to get out of it and i like that in a product.

  25. oh dear I don`t own a wii, I wish I did.
    I have played on one once, it was great.
    looks like the must have console.
    my partner is overweight, he could do with getting fit.

  26. How else can I exercise in the nude
    Without other people thinking it’s rude?
    I can do my own thing
    Stretch my back, run and fling.
    No laughing! This is doing me good.

  27. I love watching my 70 year old mother n law ski jumping and hula hooping, amuses us all and she gets a bit of exercise.

  28. I love watching my husband get his ass kicked by our 6 year old daughter on pretty much every game they play…

    Also, more seriously, it’s great way for the three of us to spend some fun time together as a family (my husband works very long hours).

  29. I love the Wii, it is great entertainment value that all the family can join in with. It is a good way to exercise and have great fun at the same tme. No age limit! Brilliant.

  30. Wii are not a royal family
    but wii certainly are amused….
    cos our wii fit keeps us on our toes
    and keeps our dog confused!

  31. It fits our hectic lifestyle
    on that we all agree
    now with a little bit of effort
    we’re a fitter family!

  32. The thing I love most about the wii is….

    It’s the most fun wii can have with our clothes on!

  33. The family that plays together stays together
    wii all agree on that
    and it makes us laugh, it’s good clean fun
    and it stops us getting fat!

  34. fab fun for all the family …
    from two to ninety-two ….
    a wii fit for all!!

  35. its in my house and and ready to use when ever I am

  36. Can I remind everyone that your answer will NOT count if you HAVEN’T subscribed to the Howaboutawii blog. ;)



  37. I love Nintendo Wii because, unlike the gym, it does not have a monthly subscription!

    R Reid

  38. It can tailor games to my individual needs

  39. It keeps me alert, young, fit and nifty
    and not overwieght, listless and fifty

  40. it gives our family quality time together and also keeps us all fit

  41. Credit crunch has taken it’s toll,
    Haven’t got the cash to ski,
    But I can ski, and avoid lift queues,
    Just by plugging in the Wii!

  42. I love the fact my mum can put on her Wii and unwind especially since she’s a head of maths, runs her own needlecraft company and cares for my grandfather 24/7 because he has dementia.

    If anyone deserves to be able to unwind with the Wii Fit Plus it’s her.

  43. so……tell us, tell us, who’s the winner?!

  44. Was a fun Competition, any plans for others similar? :)

  45. Hi all,

    Looks like I got my own dates wrong. The new post for the winner has been wrote and will be published tonight, 28th October 2009!

    I can announce that the winner is….


    Carol Shreeve….

    With the excellent answer:

    Why do I love my wii?
    Because it is important you see
    seven kids, six grandchildren all agree
    It’s for all the family, even ME!
    I am fiftyone years old,
    To me my wii is just pure gold

    Well done Carol….

    The announcement post is here:

  46. While my baby gets some rest,
    I can shed a few pounds on the wii
    This solution is the best
    As a flat stomach does not come for free!

  47. It’s fantastic for playing with family and friends of all ages.

  48. I love the fact that using the Wii I am exercising while having great fun with family and friends, better than the pub anyday.

  49. have to go to daughters to play wpould love one off my own as they are so much fun

  50. I Love A Wii
    Cause it Seems to Mii
    It was Built For Fun
    for Everyone!

  51. It seems to Mii,
    The Comp seems To Bii

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